Friday, May 23, 2008

Playing in the Sun

This is Our little Turkey! Look at his teeth! He has five now. Two on top, three on the bottom. What a ham!Helping take a picture. I didn't realize how dirty he was until after I took pictures. Oh well!
This is Ethan (with the smile) and Nova with the attitude. These are the boys I watch.
This is Barkley (how cute is that name!?), our neighbor's dog. He just came right over to inspect Bee and the boys. He's a great dog.
We were outside, playing, because it was beautiful outside. I believe it was a glorious 65*. We stayed outside until the state bird came flying along to eat us....the mosquitoes!!
It was wonderful to just be outdoors with our neighbors. It's so cool how everyone comes out of their caves when it's sunny. It's almost like we hibernate like bears. I met neighbors this past week that I haven't ever seen. And we learned we have a scary, crazy neighbor too! He was screaming at his little girl and wife because it was sunny in the house! The wife just rolled her eyes and the daughter laughed. I don't think there's bad things going on but just a little attitude! I'm sure our neighbor's have heard interesting things that I've shouted about! ...Let's not go there! :) SO I just wanted to share some pictures of one of summer days in Alaska. Hopefully I'll get some Sealing pictures up soon! (Hint to Lindsay and Taron!!) :) Love ya guys!


The Colón Family said...

Oh my goodness, he's getting so big!! How cute!!! Oh congrats on your sealing. We're so excited for ours! Everyone keeps getting me freaked out about the endowment session. They keep saying not to think about it and to just go with the flow. Yikes, what didn't they teach me in temple prep?? Oh well. :-) I hope all is well!! You're a great friend! I hope we can get together sometime soon!

EmilyAnn said...

Connor is SO cute! He looks like such a happy little guy!

I'm really jealose of the sunshine you are getting there! We have had rain all weekend and it's in the forecast for the rest of the week! ; (