Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I really should be cleaning!

As in the title, I really should be cleaning but I am feeling guilty for not posting anything in a couple days.
So here it goes! As seen below, Chris, Bee and I are getting sealed this Saturday. My father-in-law, Don is going to be Chris escort on Friday night. We were excited about him coming up and Chris took a day off work to show his Dad the sites of Alaska. We called Sunday, Mother's day to wish Marie (mother-in-law) a Happy day and to get Don's flight info. We were shocked to hear that Marie is coming also!!!! She is coming Friday morning but will be here in time for our first session! We are just amazed how our Heavenly Father works things out!
So now if I was worried about our house looking nice for my father-in-law...it doubles with my mother-in-law! She raised 8 kids and I'm sure had a great looking house to go with. So I called in back-up. My best friend, Mychel is coming over as I write this to help clean! As most of you know, and my husband tells me often, that I'm not a great housekeeper! (I would rather type on here for example!) So yeah, I just wanted to let you fellow bloggers know that I'm still alive. And to come find me in a couple days in my cobwebs if you don't hear from me! Hope to see you on Friday or Saturday!


Lindsay JJ said...

Wow! What a suprise! Hope you got it all clean! I am calling the temple right now to get on the list!
by the way... I should be cleaning too!

alaska_girl said...

How exciting Krista! I had no idea. Let me know the time. I would love to be there!
And yes... I too should be cleaning, but I can't put down "These Is My Words" to save my life! haha!

Kotelman said...

Krista that's so awesome!! What time is the session I'd love to go.

Monster Mary said...

I AM cleaning but taking a break. We had a puke fest yesterday and so I got the steam cleaner from the base and well now that I've done the entire upstairs I feel obligated to do the downstairs. I'm obviously puttering out as I'm on the computer now. :) I'm so excited for you to go to the temple. I won't be there friday night since I'll be watching Mychel's kids but I hope things work out for Sat. I'm still not sure as my hubby will be gone etc. I love you though.