Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So awhile ago, while still prego, I was told about our church playgroups. I was sooo excited because I am what you would call "People Person." If I don't get the human contact that I HAVE to have every such day, I drive my husband nuts. And as I'm quite fond of the man, I don't want to dig him an early grave. So Bee and I have made it an adventure, every Wednesday to go to these said Playgroups. They are so fun. Just a bunch of Moms sitting around, chit-chatting and watching the kids. We watch other people's kids here, abandon our own (just kidding...we only wish) and feed all the other children but our own. (Their snacks are always better, no matter that they are the same.) Sometimes our playgroup is two of us, other times like today, it is quite the little get together. It was just Centennial Park Ward but since the split, we have not been so choosy of our friends...Haha! Just teasing. It's pretty much all the same chicas, plus a few more. So I have kinda taken over this little activity (go figure, me and taking over!) and have found a few parks to play at. We are going to try elementary school next time as they have playground equipment for all ages. But here are a few pictures of today!
Isabella, looking gorgeous as always!
Lauren and Eli hanging out
Our newest addition to our party, three months
Torsten and Eli checking out the bubbles...yup they work!

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Lindsay JJ said...

Thank you for allowing me to see my backside.... I am now motivated to start a workout plan. ;)