Friday, May 9, 2008


Tonight was Enrichment night for us ladies in Centennial Park, Russian Jack and Chester Valley. We went to this wonderful ladies house, Kaye, to make signs! (Her house was amazing...just what I want when I grow up. (OK when my husband retires from the military). She had hardwood floor, dark cabinets in the kitchen, PAINT ON THE WALLS!!, quilts everywhere, fluffy couches that just scream at you to get a book and chill but that isn't the best part. Her daughter's room was a yellow-orange'ish color with purple vinyl on the walls. It was flowers and a saying that was great but I can't remember now. Something about giggles and curls are what girls are made of. It was sooo cute. I just loved everything!)
OK so back to Enrichment night. We met different people from other wards and a few from our own that we didn't know. I met Lindsay's crazy 'grandma' fun! AND I met a whole bunch of people that blog on here! I didn't know this was such a huge thing. I'm really excited to have so many new blog friends. I love reading about little things in people's lives. It really makes you grateful of the small moments. So we made signs, chatted and really just had a great time. I'm really excited about this new ward for the first time. I think I'll be okay. Now just convincing someone else is the issue! :)

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Lindsay JJ said...

We must make that jaunt to the library together THIS WEEK!!! I am glad you had fun at Enrichment! Me too! Now I can't stop thinking of fun little ideas for signs to put up in my house..... we should do it again soon!