Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Weekend

Our weekend was wonderful!! We got sealed in the Anchorage temple. Amazing is pretty much the only word to describe how we felt afterwards. Now we are getting used to the G's and all that good stuff. Chris and I were talking afterwards and we agreed that it feels like we are One now. Like we are finally married. (I know you are thinking, well they were before....but it's different to know that you are married for all time and eternity then 'til death do you part.) We both rely on each other for our future. It's seriously just glorious and I 1000% recommend it to everyone!
Chris' parent's made it up here for the sealing. It was really nice to have them up here. We got to play tourist with them after our sealing. We tried to find a moose but go figure, the time you really want to see one, there's none to be found. We drove to Whittier for goodness sake's and still none. We saw one, on the way to dinner on the corner of DeBarr and Boniface!! We couldn't even stop!! Silly animals. Oh well, it was still fun and a gorgeous day to be out. EVERYone played nice, which I was worried about. It was really an enjoyable time. Bee was a little bit of a pill but it's understandable for him cuz he is teething, and his naps were all messed up. (Mine too but I don't think that counts :)
I got another calling this weekend. (For those keeping track, this is number 3.) I am now the Enrichment Leader. How fun is that!?! I have soooo many ideas I'm sure that's are just going to be crazy-daisy!!
Welp that's our weekend in a nutshell! Thanks for all the support!


Lindsay JJ said...

We were so glad we could be there for your special day! It was awesome! I have some pics from the day I will email you. You guys are awesome! We love ya!

Lindsay JJ said...

okay, I need your email woops! I guess I don't have it!