Thursday, May 1, 2008


So tonight was a little crazy but good fun! We watched the little Hulet's tonight so the big Hulet's could go to the temple for our friend's sealing. Plus we had Ethan and Nova in addition to Bee, Hooch and Jack. Needless to say, it was crazy! I had puppies licking and jumping on three toddlers (we'll count Bee in this section just to make me feel better), two boys running around trying to shoot the puppies or toddlers, which ever was in the aim with Lego guns. All the while I'm trying to make french toast for dinner plus something for my husband to eat...I didn't have enough eggs for all to enjoy french toast. I get all of us settled down to eat and they all explode, if by some magical force..."Can I have some milk? Honey, can you get me a fork? I dropped my knife. Ethan, that's my cup! (Hudson crying saying he wants to eat too)" HAHA And I want five kids!! Hahaha LOL
But wait the funny part is, in the middle of the whole thing my husband is trying to tell me about his new wonderful, great idea to fix (what's not broken) on our boat. He just stops mid-sentence and says "It's too noisy for me to think. I'll talk to you later!" I just started laughing. Hudson and Bee were
the only ones making noise...he has something coming when the three walking boys come downstairs with Lego guns! If he had hair, he would have pulled it out I'm sure! It's so funny how my husband can't focus on more than one thing. I was following the conversation fine, blocking out the baby babble and was kind of shocked that he was flustered! Haha
When the Hulet's came to pick up the little Hulet's, my hubby jokingly said he only wants three kids now...but let us watch them next time and it might be two! I seriously wonder how much truth is in that statement. I
honestly don't think he understood how great a baby Bee is. Hudson is wonderful too but he is now crawling and almost walking so a lot more work.
As I was waiting to flip my amazing French toast, I stood and smiled that this could be my family in 8 years. I really enjoyed it. I do admit, I did get stressed when both Hudson and Bee cried at the same time for a bottle but it was easily fixed. And unless I have twins, I won't be in
that situation with babies 4 or less months apart.So I was feeling like a Mama Duck so here's a picture! Bring on those babies!! :)

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