Friday, January 2, 2009


I know it's a day or two late but it's such a great idea to past up!

Taking the year in a glance, by month, to sum up 2008!

*We started watching Ethan and Nova full time...staying at our house.
*Chris went back on normal schedule for work
*Connor was 7 months old

*Chris went TDY to Tydnall AFB for '2 weeks' but got stuck in Florida, then North Carolina. Finally they flew him home commercially.
*I play with Mychel once week at her house, quilting or just chatting.

*Had to deal with Nova lying...being thrown into mommyhood really quick!
*Connor was circumcised...we had to wait to make sure his blood was good to go! The nurses couldn't get him to stop crying once he woke up. They needed to take his oxygen level. They came and got me and Chris. I walked over, swaddled him in a blanket and he immediately went to sleep! The nurses were shocked.
*Chris and I took temple prep classes on Sundays at the Child's house.

*Got Jack, an Alaskan Malamute
*It snowed at the end of April, making life crazy around here with digging out snow pants and jackets again
*Made plans to be sealed in the Anchorage temple in May

*Got sealed together for all time and eternity! Chris' parents came up for the weekend. It was a good time. All the support we have up here with our friends just made the whole event that much more memorable!
*Got a Wii for Mother's Day!
*Connor is scooting around
*Chris went hunting/fishing every weekend except when we got sealed!

*Connor's first birthday. My mom came up to celebrate.
*I got called as the Enrichment leader
*Chris got a Polaris Ranger

*We flew down to Seattle for Chris' Grandparents wedding anniversary/ family reunion. It was great seeing everyone. We had all the little boy cousins (all born within 4 weeks of each other) playing around!
*We went camping with the boys for the Fourth of fun!
*Made new friends with the Willen's
*Hooch and Jack found out how to escape the backyard.

*I got hooked into blog giveaways
*Chris went fishing/hunting every week this month.
*Connor got all of his teeth in.
*I spilled my guts on here with a few embarrassing moments!

*I went to Time Out for Women...AWESOME! Highly recommend to anyone!
*I started making a quilt for Nicci.
*My sister came up for her birthday...she met Shawn
*Got a new camera

*Went to two ward parties for Halloween
*Connor started walking
*Connor was Edward Cullen for Halloween
*Chris started the 'weird' schedule at work

*My sister, Dad and his girlfriend, Christine came up fro Thanksgiving...we drove down to the beginning of the Kenai to see the beautiful blue river...spun the truck and took lots of pictures
*Chris sold the boat and old truck because he thought we were leaving in February and didn't want to tow them.
*Put up the Christmas tree way early
*Went and saw the midnight showing of Twilight with 12 other girls/moms!

*We all got the flu bug around the house
*We got snow but not the normal large amount
*Mom and Kassy came for fun to have family around
*Chris is bored at home with no boat or truck to fix
*I'm working on a few quilts

So there you are...our year in review! I love this blog idea. It's so great to be able to scroll through and see our life. I realized that I need to blog more about what Chris is doing. And my personal day-to-day things. The first reason for this blog is to update family and friends of our lives. Giveaways and other things are second.

Update on resolutions:

Instead of reading the Book of Mormon this year, Chris and I decided to read the D&C. I've never read it all the way through and Chris hasn't since seminary. I'm excited.

I'm going to do the picture a day challenge. I have a beautiful new camera and I need to use it so I'll blog about this later today!

I'm going to start using labels for these posts! (Organization...just a bit!)


♥georgie♥ said...

I LOVE this idea-it is awesome to look back over the past year
I Heart labels!

Merrianne said...

WOW! I love the way you did like a whole year's RECAP! :) what an exciting year you had!!!!

well... that december flu bug don't sound too fun... :p

amelia bedelia said...

Your year sounded super! How did you remember all that? I can't even remember what I did this morning!

Monster Mary said...

THat was fun to read your recap. Thanks. Twilight was fun wasn't it. :)

SabrinaT said...

What a good way to journal the past year. Happy New Year!

Barbaloot said...

Head's up; I did your Pay it Forward tag:)

The Duckers said...

As for the blanket:

I'm open for anything! Whatever looks girlie and cute! Good luck and have fun being creative. You're the best. Thanks again for that giveaway!! :o)