Friday, January 16, 2009

Facial Expression

I need to vent a little about facial expressions!

I know, I didn't think I would have to talk about this but it must be said.


Example one: I was assigned to take pictures of the Relief Society girls in the room, on Sunday. Everyone that walked through the door, got their picture if, ands, or buts. Yes there was some grumblings but my thoughts are "If you think you are pretty enough for the Lord, you are pretty enough to take a picture." Oh and I would throw in the occasional, Beryl said to and she's the RS Prez...AKA Boss lady! (Note to Primary workers, you are this week. I'm just saying.)

Anyway one lady walked in and said, "No pictures." with a smile on her face. Like everyone else, I said, "Come on, give us a smile." She turned and smiled...I clicked the camera and got the picture. She then turns and started yelling at me about her rights and how I just broke all personal rules and how I should delete the picture now and how much ruder could I get!!! Seriously what????????

I guess she was serious about the whole no picture thing but how the crap was I suppose to know. She turned and SMILED!! If someone who didn't want their picture taken, normally they would turn and frown, or stick out a tongue, or cried or ran but SMILED???!! I got nothing.

Example two: Old man walking down the street, in negative 20 degree weather. Bee and I walking the other way, passing him. Bee slips and I say excuse us, because the old man had to step out of the way. He SMILED and started saying bad words about being in the way and youth these days. I almost put earmuffs on Bee.

Did I miss the memo about the smile changing meaning??

Now I have been on the other side of this. As I have stated before, my eye sight stinks. (Tax refund!) I have to squint to see most things...signs, tree leaves, deer in the fields, people sitting in the chairs at church while I play the you see where I'm going with this?

I have been playing for two weeks now. Both weeks, I have had two people come up to me and ask if I'm okay.

"Yes, I'm great. Why do you ask?"

"Well it looked like you were glaring at someone from up there." (Our piano and speaker thing are on a stage, in our church.)

"Oh no, I just can't see, so I'm looking for where Chris is. Or Taron, or Missy....whoever I was looking for."

See what I mean, facial expressions are important....which is why I have an eye appointment soon for a new Rx and some extra money for contacts.

I've never had contacts before.....where do you order them? Any recommendations? Thoughts?

I'm now off my shoebox! Thanks for listening!


one day in the life of me said...

When you get your eyes checked tell them you would like contacts along with your glasses. They will help you with it.

whoopsadasie said...

Holy Cow! I guess there is a different defintion of what a smile means...and you don't have that dictionary!! ;-)

Sounds like the first lady needs to get a LIFE!!

Shauna said...

What a great blog you have here :)

devri said...

Man, I would kick that old mans butt...

CHristlike, I know..

Funny, people thought you were hatin' good thing your going, or you might just end up in the Bishops

Barbaloot said...

Hooray for contacts!! I don't have recommendations really---just that you should get them cuz they're awesome and will change your life forever.

April said...

Hang in there with the people and your eyes!

My son had a similar experience with an old man at a driving range. He stood next to him and the man started letting the explicatives fly. My son said nothing. I told him next time he should ask the old man if he kisses his mother with that mouth. (Chances are the mother is dead.) And when he gets that response then my son can say something smart like, "Well, she must be so proud."

I have talk my boys to be respectful but not to be mistreated. That is NOT ok.

rachel griffith said...

sounds like that lady needed a meatball sub!!!
get joey on the phone.

seriously...what's up with that???
it's not like you told her to take off her clothes first!!!

and old people...don't get me started. lol.

yayyy to contacts!!!
is that you in the pic???

Jenni Jiggety said...

I order mine through 1-800 contacts!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Wow, too bad you didn't have a bottle of Midol with you. Sounds like both the lady in RS and the old man needed some! Never in my life!
I get my contacts from the doctor's office. You can get them anywhere once you get a prescription.
I loved your pictures by the way! TOO FUNNY! I think I might have to send that lady the monkey one and say, here's the picture I took of you last week! LOL LOL LOL

jill jill bo bill said...

They should give you a pair when you have your exam, then do what JJIgg does, order them off 1800contacts.

binks said...

That made me laugh, I squint like that all the time. After reading on the computer, I am literally blind. I think I need an eye exam also.

That old man makes me mad, saying nasty things to what is basically a baby for slipping! Grrrrr!

nikkicrumpet said...

Yup...I think you should match the face to the appropriate mood...happy smile, sad frown. Don't be sending mixed messages lol

chellekay said...

I order mine though 1800contacts. They are Utah based. A really great company. Plus if you do a internet search and find a better price the contacts you need/want to order they will match that price and give you I think a 5% discount!! I really like them and never had a problem with them.

Taron said...

Thanks for the info about the pics on Sunday for the primary worker. I will make sure you can not find me....

Monster Mary said...

There's always one party pooper. WAy to be diligent getting those photos. It's so helpful, I think ,to have a roster with pictures.
People really say the darndest things. I love the response someone commented about "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" I'm stealing it next time I hear such language.

bigmama said...

ryc: You are so welcome! I hope it came in handy after the holidays!

And hooray for contacts! I'd be blind as a bat without them :)

Krissy said...

Dude, seriously, PLEASE tell me you laid back into the woman who CHEWED YOU OUT at church and DARED go into some rant about PERSONAL RIGHTS!?!? SERIOUSLY! I so need to take a trip out there and rip her a new one! lol And I'm really confused about how smiling and then chewing someone out is the new norm too. Really strange.
As far as the contacts go - it depends on where you're going. If you go to the Walmart eye dr, you go to the vision center next to it to order the contacts. Make sure you let the eye dr know you want a contact lens exam. They'll give you the prescription for both the glasses and the contacts and as long as your eye sight is relatively normal, you'll leave with a trial pair to make sure they're going to work for you. You order the contacts at the same place you'll get your glasses from. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Anonymous said...

This sort of stuff is the reason in away that I quit going to church in the first place. I live in a ward where lots of people act like that one woman. Wait until you think your being helpful and you tell some one their child is doing something to your child. That is a story I wish I could tell. But since hubby and I have been in the Stak pres. office over this mess. I can't blog. My daughter blogged it and well we got in trouble. Long story. Will share some day soon.