Friday, January 30, 2009

Book Club

Our book tonight was Marley and Me. It was a good book. It isn't really about a bad dog. It's more about a family. I would suggest you read it. It will make you laugh and cry.

Anyway we all were asked if we had childhood animals. Well this is about my Murphy. I hold him on a pedestal.

Warning: I cried my eyes out writing this, so you might tear up.

I remember running around the yard, hitting him with little sticks. He didn't do anything about it. Just ran around. Or when we would call him on the trampoline and then start jumping. Or spraying him with water. We were so mean.

But he stuck around. He loved us. And we loved him. I remember Murphy laying on the living floor and Kassy and I would scratch his back by kicking our feet up and down, along his back. He loved it. He would groan anytime someone rubbed his ears. He would sit down in the bath tub when he got a bath. He hated getting wet but knew there was nothing he could do about it! LOL

I remember anytime I was having boy problems, more like Kyle problems, I would go outside and throw rocks for SheRocks and sit with Murphy on the wall. I could cry or yell or just talk it out and he would just 'listen.' I'm positive he knew what I was saying! :)

The last memory I have of Murphy was Prom night, senior year. He had been gone for a few days but we all knew he kept lady friends over the hill so we weren't too worried. After three days of him not being home, we started looking. We found him stuck in the mud hole on the bottom of our property. His back legs were paralyzed from being so cold. My dad brought him up to the garage and then into the house. We tried to warm him up but it was too late. The rest of his body was starting to shut down.

So we all got to have our time with him before......., I was last. I went in the garage and pet him. He started to whine. And a thought came to me that he was hungry. I gave him dog food and he ate it like it was Hamburger Helper, his favorite. The poor puppy was starving. I glad that I was able to comfort him in his last few minutes.

I'm grateful that I was able to say goodbye. He was a great dog. People from school still remember him. I wish I had a picture of him to go with this post.

Anyway there's my pet story. I'm going to go wipe my tears! (I'm such a girl!)


Rachel H. said...

That was such a sad/sweet post! What an awesome dog--I am sorry he ended up passing away! What a tragedy!

devri said...

What a sad post. I had cocker spaniel growing up and watched him die. it was sad too.

Now I am not a pet person. go figure.

whoopsadasie said...

What a sweet tribute to a wonderful dog! Those of us that treat our dogs like family all have our own stories we could share. I can't wait to see all my "pups" again!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I need to wipe my eyes too.....

Annie Valentine said...

This was a beautiful tribute, my friend. I feel the same way about my Midah dog, she was afraid of the camera so we hardly have any pictures of her either.

Why can't men be more like dogs?

Kristina P. said...

How sad!

We had so many dogs growing up, and my dad pretty much hated all of them.

Becky said...

Sad, but sweet. Pets are hard not to get attached to. Especially dogs, I think.

rachel griffith said...

what a great dog!!!

i'm sorry that happened though.

does ANYONE have a pic of him somewhere???

p.s. i got your package yesterday.

Anonymous said...

awww, that was sad! I'm glad you were able to get to him before he died.
do you have a dog now?

My Diary said...

That would be so hard to say goodbye to your sweet dog. Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

We are reading Marley and me now. I can't wait to finish the book it is such a good family book.

binks said...

What a sweet story. I cry at just about everything. Even commercials. I cried when they sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. It is nice that you've got such a sympathetic heart.

Monster Mary said...

Sniff sniff, that is a sad story. I wish I could convince my husband we need a pet. Just not gonna happen though.