Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pay It Forward

Thanks you guys for being so patient with me this week, and lack of posting! You guys are superstars in my eyes!

So with all this giving going's one more thing....but this one is WONDERFUL, Lovely, Smarvelous!!

It's a pay it forward. The first three (3) to comment on this post saying they wanna play, will be part of the 'in' crowd. I'm playing with Jane.
That's right, free pass to the popular table in the lunchroom. Come on, sit with Chris, Bee, and I.

Anyway here are the rules:

I will send a handmade item to each of you sometime within the NEXT YEAR. In turn, each of you agrees to post a similar announcement on your website and send a handmade item to three people who will continue to Pay It Forward in the same way.

So there you go. Come play!

(Those of you lovely ladies that just won a quilt are disqualified from this. (Jenny and Melissa) You can't have two of my masterpieces (ha ha ha) running around your house until everyone has one. It's like the line at the dessert know you want more but have to wait until everyone has gone through!!)


Barbaloot said...

Am I really the first to comment? Or is this an evil trick where you have comment moderation and I'm like the 59th?

If I am the first, I will fully pay it forward. I'll break out the old crochet hooks and make a hat, scarf---or possibly a baby blanket.

devri said...

OH I sooo wanna play!!! I love this game.. I will gladly throw out a tutu for someone...

Great game.. Great you..

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I wish I could play, but can't. I've been sick for over two weeks and I'm panicked at the idea of everything for Christmas. I have hardly any shopping done! Otherwise, I'd love to because it looks like so much fun.

If you do it again...

Camille said...

Do you want to know how mad I am that this is the first time I checked your blog?
REALLY, really mad.
What a fun giveaway! Happy Birthday. You are so creative.
This is a fun pay it forward too. How cute are you?!

Camille said...

BTW- I meant first time I checked your blog this week...... you know I have been here before!

Bee said...

Hi Kritta22! Do you still want to do the virtual Secret Santa? Email me at

First round was a lot of fun!

Camille said...

yes, yes. I think this is a fun idea. I have a year, right? As long as I don't have a looming deadline!

nikkicrumpet said...

I love pay-it-forwards. I did one earlier and it was such fun!