Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Book Club

Tonight was Book Club for some girls around Anchorage.

It used to be a ward book club but our ward got split into a few different pieces. But we still wanted to all play together! So now we all play telephone tag around the end of the month to figure out where it's going to be and what's the book.

We've even added some new players! Love that.

Anyway this month was the TWILIGHT series. You know there was discussion. Who liked Jacob? Who hated the movie? How many times did you go see it? (Taron wins with 5.)

Can you just imagine getting about 16 people together to discuss these books and movie??! It was so great to hear everyone's opinions. It makes you think about what you read a lot more!

Those of us that saw the movie all agree that the makeup sucked. Otherwise, there was no agreement on anything!! And I loved it.

I love how just a few hundred pages (okay maybe a thousand or two) can stir up so many emotions! Love, hate, drama, anger, smiles, giggles...all wonderful!

This next month we are reading Marley and Me by John Groban. I got to choose this month and I think this book might be fitting with Jack's current living arrangement! :)

Anyway I just wanted to blog about how great it is to be able to get out of the house and just go talk with ADULT people about my opinions. I NEED it. CRAVE it!!

What is your NEED?


Monster Mary said...

So sad I missed book club cause I had so much to say. Well probably not anymore since we all kinda talked about it in bits here and there. I'm sure it was a fun one. I actually forgot about book club but knew that there was no way I could have taken my kids there tonight. They made me promise we wouldn't go anywhere else. I made them go discount shopping with me two days in a row. Plus I would have had to leave to pick up my luggage that finally arrived. :)

Doty Family said...

Love everything Twilight!! I want to read Marley and Me, I heard it was a great book. We have a ward book club, but they read things that are way to deep for me. When I read, I do it to escape into my imagination for a few minutes. So I don't participate, but how fun for you!

Mel said...

I LOVE discussing books!! My book club through our church only brings about 3 - 5, but the ones who come are super discussion-ers!

This month's (Jan) selection is Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.
It's a hard one to read for me (racial issues) but I'm sure I will learn a alot.

I am HUGE Jacob fan, but HATED how he didn't look Native American in the movie!! He lives on a RESERVATION - he is 100% NA, why does he look Mexican? Strong feelings, like you say!! I'm onlyl going to give the movie 2 1/2 stars and that's only if your a fan to begin with. What is the deal with the hair of the vampire men? Does changing into a vampire make your hair all crusty? I'll stop now... I'm getting rawled up!

Happy New Year!!

kel said...

I started a book club a few years back and I loved it! We feel out of touch when I moved to a different state though. Luckily my three best friends are all readers so we have book discussions alot!!! SO glad you got a night out! we need it!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I need to wish you A Happy New Year!
And I need you to keep being my blogging buddy in '09!
I L♥ve ya!