Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fragments

My friend, Mrs. 4444, does Friday Fragments. I'm going to play with week!!

Welcome to Friday Fragments; bits and pieces of my week that were too good to lose, but too short to stand alone. For more on Friday Fragments, click here.

*Snow is falling every where in the United States BUT where it should be. ALASKA!!! It hasn't snowed here in over a week! (maybe two!)

*Bee now knows how to turn the TV on and points the remote at the receiver. He's played with the buttons forever but now knows how to put on his movies. I asked him a few days ago to turn on the TV. He walked right up to it, push the right button and came and sat in my lap. Who said he could grow up.

*Bee walks around the house with a handful of dog food so the dogs will follow him! :)

*Jack has taken up chewing on our shoes...bad dog. Three shoes in 4 days.

*I've been spending every spare minute I have quilting for two special people. I don't think they will be done for Christmas but they'll be close enough to wrap up and take it back to finish.

*I have a new found love for Limewire. It downloads the songs straight into your iTunes...must have been a woman!

*I am done Christmas shopping except for stocking stuffers.

*I'm not sending out Christmas cards this year but Valentine's Day picture/cards. (Yup call me a slacker or a thirty shopper but Costco has great sales in January for picture cards.)

*Chris will be going back on a regular schedule after the New Year, which means no more sleeping alone! YAY!

*I'm going out clubbing with my sister, husband and MOM next week. How weird is that?!

*This is my 180th post...I smell another giveaway soon. (I love giving stuff away to you guys!)

*I bought new ice cube thingys! (They are plastic with liquid in them that you pop in the freezer. Then you plop them in your drink and it doesn't water it down! Again most have been a woman!) For a $1 for 8 at Target.

K I'm done! Hope you enjoyed. I promise, pictures tomorrow, cross my heart!


Mandy said...

I wanna go clubbing! :)

kel said...

Clubbing with your mom!! you have a cool mom!! love your blog!

Barbaloot said...

Valentine's cards are totally legit. Good call and that:)

rachel griffith said...

snow is falling here. and on the day we are supposed to drive. arrrrgg.

how cute that connor can manage the tv. now he'll pick up on EVERYTHING.

BAD jack!!!

dude i LOVE limewire. seriously.
i might be addicted. tehehe.

valentine's cards...i never thought of doing that. great idea.

clubbin'...i wanna go. *wink wink*

yayyy for 180th post!!! that's awesome.

okay seriously...the ice won't water down your drink??? how does that work??? interesting.

devri said...

Your mom is a rock star!!!!

You can have my snow!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey-Maybe you can go with Nonna to the Chippendales show! :)

What a little cutie-your little guy with the dog food. Sweet.

Sandi said...

I will happily send you lots of this Minnesota snow. Could make arrangements to ship some from Iowa, too, where my mother said the snow drifted so bad she couldn't get out her front door. I love all the comments you are leaving on my blog. Keep it up!! Have a good weekend and I hope you get snow!!

nikkicrumpet said...

Sounds like a pretty good week...well except for the shoe murders!

Susan said...

I love this post idea...and by the way.... I'd be going clubbing too if we didn't have 12 inches of snow! (smile)

Jenni Jiggety said...

I think we have your Alaska snow here in Massachusetts!

carrie said...

Yes, more snow on the way - here in the NW. I do live close to Marysville (you asked in your comment) just a little south and a little east, in L.S. Hope you can guess!

Have a great weekend! :)

binks said...

Awwww - I hate that kids have to grow up. Give that Connor an extra hug today before he gets too big.

Crap - Christmas shopping? That reminds me, I need to get motivated at 4:30 the last Saturday before Christmas. Gee, you're a nag. I'm going.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW, I love this idea! I may join and do it sometime! thanks for sharing your list...although the shoe thing...not soo good! enjoy your club scene!♥