Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm really slacking over here. I'm on here all the time...just ask my hubby!! But I don't always post something! I need to change that habit!!

What are you plans for Sunday?

I plan on going to church. Eating lunch and watching movies with my family. I burrowed some good ones from the library this past week. Including "The Importance of Being Ernest" which I read for my book club. I think my hubby will enjoy it.

I went to Target again today. (I know what you are thinking,"Why doesn't she just shoot herself in the foot?") It was WORSE than opening day but I guess I should have expected that. It is Saturday and just about everyone in Anchorage knows it's open so yeah. I shouldn't have gone. I didn't buy anything. I just went to go. (Hey, don't judge me! You live without your favorite store for 3 years and come back to report!!)

I entered in three swaps today. Two Christmas present swaps and an ornament one. I'm too lazy right now to find the links. Comment and I'll send them your way, if you are interested.

I finished my apron but I hate it and will not be wearing it. I might un-sew it and use it for something else. I'm going to buy one of my friend's aprons, Mychel. She makes hers out of old BDU's (military uniforms).

Bee is now crawling like a "normal" kid. He can also stand up by himself. He can walk too but doesn't have the confidence yet. Any advice on getting him to walk on his own? We hold his hand, barely, but as soon as we let go, he drops to his bum. I'm hoping he gets over this fear in the next couple weeks so he can walk at Halloween!

Chris is getting over a cold. I hate it when he has a cold. He doesn't wanna do anything but yet he has all these plans to do things! Arggh! Go away, Mr. Flu bug!

We had a HUGE wind storm two nights ago. It was so bad that three of our neighbors' fences blew down. Ours broke, right where the latch is. So Bee, Ethan, Nova and I all woke up at 3 am to the slamming of the gate. I tried to fix it but it couldn't be fixed. I had to wait for Chris to get home from work. (He was on mid-shift.) And then today I was looking at our roof, and the top row of shingles is ALL GONE!!! That's gotta get fixed before the snow comes!! Like tomorrow! Yikes.

Well that's about all that's going on here at the W World.

Anyone come up with more ideas for our name??

(I heart swimmer's ear but not for our whole family name. If I start my own blog, I will name it swimmer's ear after JJBB!!)


Taron Deeds said...

I read it and I am commenting....I took a 10 min break from reading Breaking Dawn to read some more...
In all the yards around our house there is pieces of roofing people don't bother picking up........ maybe you could get some of it. LOL
Will I will see you in like 10 hours anyway so I will talk at you more then.

Mal N' Jon said...

Don't worry...I feel ya on the Target thing. We don't have one here in town and so I would be doing the same as you are.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

hey...I'll take your unwanted apron! lol! About Connor...they walk when they walk...its how it is! lol!

Love ya, sounds like you are fine...aside from the fact that Target was SUPER busy on Saturday! :)

Julie said...

My advice with Connor is about the same, unfortunantly they walk when they are ready. One thing I did with Josh to help him was I would sit on the floor and put him in front of him a little bit. (Arms reach) I would hold him under his arms and then let go, at first he would just fall towards me, but slowly he started to take a step or two towards me. As he got better, I would move him further away. Eventually he really started figuring it out. But it is all on his time table. You just have to wait.

chellekay said...

hey I go to Walmart (I hate the place but I go to it because it is very close to my house) just to be able to get out of the house.

go check out my blog I have an Award for you.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Saw you over at Georgie's place for the Secret Santa Soiree. I stopped by and laughed pretty good at this post. Ewwwwwww OMG I think I would have thrown up all over myself while hopping on one foot.

I left you a little something on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

When we were helping clayton, we would have him walk back and forth between me and steve who were sitting down. When he did right and good, we would both scoot back a little bit and have him walk a little further. Then he decided that he didn't want to walk anymore and then he just did it all the time. It took him about 2-3 weeks, but he did it! Connor will get it, don't worry!