Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have won a couple awards the past couple days. So here I am passing them on!

First, let's start with the fun one!
Alright my fellow bloggers, (drumroll please)...

1. Rebecca at Rebecca's blog cuz she isn't afraid to speak her mind. I love that she pulls it all out there!!
2. Rachael at The Chronicles of Abigail cuz she is real too! I love that she shares her ups and downs with us! (And that Abigail is wearing the apron I made...Love it!!) And cuz she's a great mom and I wanna be like her!
3.Sue at Navel gazing at its finest cuz how can you not love a blog with that name. It only gets better from there!
4. Chellkay at Two for the Road cuz she has twins and reminds me everyday that I can make it. And she was in the military, how cool is that!?
5. Tiffany at Magic Moments cuz she's so stinkin cute!
6. Abbilyeverafter because you all need to go over there and see how cute her blog is.
7. Brandy and Mandee over at Some of This and SOme of That cuz they are always looking for new people to play with them. (PS they are doing a Christmas swap too! Go play!)


Dover Fam said...

Thank you!!! Some of this and some of That loves you too!!! Thanks for playing with us in the swap.

binks said...

Boy I was lost last night. Thought I wandered into the "Twilight Zone" but then I saw your comment over at Blokthoughts.
I like the new look - super cool.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the AWARD. I never thought my blog was that amazing but thanks. Hey do I know you ? How did you find my blog? I just love how you meet fun and exciting people through blogs....Hey can you send me the book of Mormon challenge list and maybe I can catch up... Have a great day!

Mags said...

hey! i love the new look, i dig patriatism. you are a fab friend, and thanks for all the good finds on your blog, fun stuff!

Sue said...

Thank so much - this totally made my day :>

amelia bedelia said...

i LOVE your new look!!! Cute name!! I've missed reading you...gotta go catch up. And no, it was not me that won the quilt...or at least I didn't hear if i won. I'll go check it out!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

okay, i'm finally here! I got you added now to my google reader so I don't get this messed up! When I click on your name from comments it doesn't give me this page...or at least I don't think it does! email address is on my blog page...just click it and send me your email address!
Congrats on the award!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

by the way...i got the test fixed on my page now!

Julie said...

Thank you very much!!! : )