Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm making myself..

I'm making myself an apron tonight!!

I ruined another one of my shirts. A new one too!

You would think with all my apron making, I would have one. Oh no!!

You would think with my friend making aprons for her business, I would have one. Oh no!!

So I'm making one tonight. Nothing special. Just something to keep the splash off my clothes!!

Just thought I'd update you!!


Rachel H. said...

So glad you are doing that!!! YOU DESERVE IT!

Mal N' Jon said...

Good for you!

If I had a sewing machine I would make you one!

P.S. I love mine...I feel so grown up wearing an apron!

Mal N' Jon said...

P.S.S. I put that recipe up on Pass The Salt--You should know where that is!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Must take a pic of it...can't wait to see it! :)

brittany said...

I'm sorry but I can'tgo to the fabric store today
I am just having a hard time with things lately and don't really feel like doing much of anything. Thanks for offering to take me though.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Take a pictures and show us when you're done!

Becky said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of names for your blog. Let me know when you are ready for a re-do! I'm available now! Thanks,