Sunday, March 18, 2012


The boys and I went to Vegas this past weekend. My best friend, Lindsy, lives there. It was her birthday!
Her hubby is not home and they are moving to Guam in May, so I figured this was the best time to go visit her!! So saved my Christmas money and off we went!

I brought a huge coloring book that Bee got for Christmas from Ompa and Grrma. CARS!!! It was a total hit!

It was NASCAR weekend in Vegas! (Who knew there was such a thing?) There were trailers and cars everywhere. What 4.5 year old boys wouldn't love that?! This one happened to be outside the chocolate factory we went to so we stopped and played. This is T and Bee.

Inside this chocolate factory, they had a self guided tour. This guy was standing there, unwrapping sticks of butter! Seriously he had even more then you can see in the picture. They were making peanut brittle that day.

At the end of this tour, you get one piece of chocolate! It was really good chocolate. Then you file into the gift shop. Upon which Bee promptly knocks over a box of chocolates off a stand. I go to pick it up and notice the price tag... $45!!!!!! It had MAYBE 20 pieces of chocolate in it. I was soooooo grateful I didn't have to buy it.

Then I walk around the corner and there's a whole counter full of chocolates. I'm thinking, hey I could get some for the birthday girl.


Even the individual pieces of chocolate were $2.50 a piece. For a piece of chocolate no more than an inch squared!!

So after that, we carefully walked out of the gift store and walked around the desert garden they had in front of the factory. We saw a couple bunnies and even a tank of what we believed was water. (it was covered with a fancy trap and wires)

So after that, we went home to get the girls from school. It was an adventure for sure!!

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