Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miles per gallon

I took this picture at a gas station in ABQ. My truck STINKS at gas mileage. Seriously stinks. Around town we get 12 MPG usually. On the highways, maybe up to 15 on the way to ABQ. The only time I have EVER seen the truck higher than 16 was on our trip down here from Alaska, on the Alacan. There is a HUGE pass that is downhill for miles. We had the trailer pushing us and we put it in neutral. I think we got it up to 19 or 20.

I reset my MPG button on the start of the trip and I actually got it up to 22.4 MPG on my trip to Vegas. Yes I did around 55MPH. (It was crazy windy and honestly 55 felt a little fast at times.) It wasn't great in time to get to Vegas but with gas prices at $3.89 per gallon, I was willing to go slow. Bonus to going slow, no speeding tickets to pay!!!

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