Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life Planner

I ordered a Life Planner from!  They are a pretty penny BUT soooo worth it!
This is the box that came in the mail!!! So pretty!

I felt sooo special with wrapping like this!

There's weekly sections plus monthly one. This is where I write all my lists! It has extra pages to write my quilting lists and book reading lists too. I seriously love this and will buy one every  year, even if I have to save my pennies. Seriously it's worth it!


Erin O. said...

So glad you like it! Did you get on her mailing list(email)? That way you get the coupons. Sometimes you can get a planner for dirt cheap with a 40% coupon or so.

LuLu said...

Oh that looks cool! I'll have to check that out. Last year I ordered a MomAgenda and I really liked it too.