Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anna Reese

I have a friend that lost a baby at 30 weeks. She has a horrible day every Feb 26. She doesn't talk about Anna Reese much. But every year she takes out Anna's belongs. This year I wanted to make her something for Anna.

We all know I've lost my fair share of babies, but none that far along. I can't even imagine my friend's heart ache so has for her little girl.

So I decided that I was going to make Anna a Anna size quilt. I took the measurements of a baby quilt and the size of an average newborn. I proportioned it out to how long Ms. Anna was. Then designed the quilt from there.

I found that perfect piece of fabric with a bird on it. I just screamed to be in Anna's quilt. The big eyes I think are what made it.
Then I bordered it and bound it. I wrote Anna Reese on the grey so everyone will know that Ms Anna was here.
Even though I was a horrible friend and didn't get it in the mail on time for Anna's birthday, my friend forgave me. She said she loved it and even her hubby loved it. That's big.

So I hope that this quilt will do some healing. It's not much in my eyes but I'm hoping that it helps my friend. At the very least, her brothers will now have an idea how little Ms Anna was. And in years to come she will be remembered.

I love you, my friend. Here is a HUGE hug for your awful day.


Amanda said...

I love you!

I actually tucked it inside my pillow sham so I sleep on it every night.

Ann said...

Awwww! My heart reaches out to you...!
I physically felt a suction in my chest reading about this.

You are a lovely and heartwarm friend, Krista.