Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip home

We had a potty break off the side of the road in Arizona. I've seen cacti before but never took a picture

This is Lake Mead. When you live in the desert, you forget what lakes look like. Heck, we get excited over puddles here. So seeing a HUGE lake was soooo fun for the boys, and me! I miss water.
This is my side kick on the way home. So much for keeping me awake!!  He actually got a sunburn from laying like that.

The distance to go through Phoenix AZ or back through ABQ was almost exactly the same...within 15 miles of each other, and no time difference said google maps.

So I decided it would be fun to go a new way home through Phoenix and Tuscon, which I've never been through. It might also keep me awake better if I don't know the road.

It proved true. I made a slight stop to try and find a sign for a friend with no luck just outside of Tuscon. Then drove on home from there. We got in around 2:30am. I enjoyed that ride much better than the road from ABQ to here. There's so much construction and slow speed limits, it just drags on forever. This way was definitely an adventure!!

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