Saturday, March 7, 2009

Magic Quilt

I know I've posted about this before but we need some more help.

Go check out this site!


It's a group of us blogging girlies, sending fabric in that has good comforting memories, to be all put together in one quilt. That quilt will be passed on and on to different people that need some love in their life.

I'm so interested in how this quilt with turn out!!

Thanks for looking!


Stacey said...

thanks for coming to my blog and saying hello, i have a silly question, what is LDS? you answer that and I will answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Loved this blog, so glad you shared. Great minds think a like because this is kind of what I would like to do with my Love Blankets. Quilts/blankets that are hand made give such great comfort. I look forward to following The Magic Quilt and even hope to support its efforts when I am not making something for some one here that is in need.

Mel said...

OH, yes, I'm glad you reminded me of this project! I have a beautiful soft pink 100% wool blazer that was my dear grandmothers. Do you accept pieces of wool for the project?