Tuesday, March 3, 2009


OH MY Gosh!!!

I don't have words to explain my emotions!!

First, the actual end of the show. What a great ending. As much as I thought he should be with Jillian, Melissa is the next best choice.

If looks could kill, Jason would have been dead on the stop when he walked her out to the limo. Good for her. I really think she handled it very well. I think she walked away with her digitiy intact.

What is the deal with them jumping in the pool?

Okay onto the really end show:

When he is talking to Chris, I just want to punch him. Man up...first off, don't cry on tv, dude. You know what you are going to do. Prepare yourself.
Dang right, we are going to judge him. I think once Molly and Melissa both watch the whole Bachelor show, they will see things different. What he really says about the other girls, what their dates were like...that would totally kill any kind of thoughts of getting together with him, for me.

Would you guys ever go on a show like this? (If your married, go back to your single days.)

Why would he break up with her on tv? Why not do it before the show and then come to talk with Molly on the show? It seems totally lame. I wonder if there is a contract about all relationship stuff being on tv.

Good for Melissa for sticking to her guns. I like her more now than ever. LOL I love that she called him the boy B word. She totally handled herself way better than I would. I would have thrown the ring at him.

You go Melissa, there is someone out there for you!

Molly, girlfriend, you need to get your hair dyed. And Kristina P...I think she is wearing a Bumpit!!! What do you think?

I love Molly's face. She is like a deer in the headlight! And keeps looking at Chris. I'm totally laughing my butt off right now at her reaction!

I love that she totally didn't give him an answer right away. You go Molly!!

I really want to see her reaction when she watches Melissa's break up! He is totally such a big fat jerk!

He just said that he kept falling in love with her from the first day...so pretty much screw Melissa!

Oh my Heavens! Drama, drama, DRAMA!!

But I guess that's what brings in the ratings! I know I totally watched cuz I wanted to see what crazy DeAnna said.

So tell me your thoughts! I'm off to go google them to get more dish. (I bet it's one of the most popular google searches tonight!)


devri said...

I never watch that one, but if she had a bumpit in, I must google it now.

Rachel H. said...

ya, that WAS weird wasn't it? What I want to know is how his first marriage ended...was it him or her?? I too think he has commitment issues. He definitely has screwed up. What if he decides it won't work with Molly now and wants Melissa back. Um, ya! Not gonna happen!!

Weird. I can't wait to see what happens tonight on the after show.

one day in the life of me said...

I didn't watch this season.

If I were single would I go on the show? When the show first came out I thought about that, it looks like it might be fun for the first 5 minutes but I couldn't do it. Those women that make it on there are way to catty. And I'd like to think I'd never be that desperate to go on national tv to find a husband.

jill jill bo bill said...

I will never watch it again. It was a total set up from the beginning. I am furious I wasted so much time watching it.

whoopsadasie said...

I used to watch them years ago...but I quit about three years ago.

I KNOW I would never go on TV if I were single to find my soul mate!

Kristina P. said...

Didn't I send you the spoiler link?

Go to www.realitysteve.com

Prepare to be angry. He posted that this would happen 2 weeks ago, and that it was set up by the production team.

And I totally thought the same thing about Molly's hair!!!

rachel griffith said...

i watched the first 2 seasons.
but not since.

sounds like it was a set up...
scandles i tell you.


but what do i know??? i watch rock of love...now that's drama!!!

Waggoner Family said...

I couldn't agree more. I really like Melissa and feel bad for her. No wonder her parents didn't want to go on the show! And who is Kristina?

The Duckers said...

I just didn't sleep well at all last night. I just feel so horrible for melissa. She was always my number one. I also have issues with it all happening on TV. I mean at least there wasn't an audience, but come on. I have lost some of the respect that I had for Jason. I had a TON of respect for him. The worst part for me was that he just sent Melissa out the door totally pissed off, and then was kissing Molly minutes later!?!?!?!! Uuggggghhhhh! I couldn't stand it, and neither could Dorian. I wonder what part 2 is all about tonight?

If I weren't LDS, I would possible do a show like this. But I would never get engaged on the finale. I'm the type of person that would need to do real life before I made a commitment like that.

Barbaloot said...

Kristina already wrote was I was going to...apparently he was "forced" to pick Melissa when he loved Molly. Whatever. You can't go on a show like that and not expcet to look like a fool at one point or another.

That being said, I think I would make a great Mormon bachelorette:) Except not really, cuz I'm super introverted and 25 guys at once would completely freak me out.

Mallorie said...

He is such a tool! Makes me so mad. I read the reality Steve stuff a week or two ago and was just hoping it wouldn't play out the way it did.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I didn't watch but I heard the scuttlebutt about what was going to happen last week on that reality steve page!

Taron Anderton Deeds said...

a little outraged are we? First off I think he is a jerk point blank. Poor Melissa just got screwed and if I were Molly I would have told him where to go $#%@%&^$%*%$&^%$ too(I don't swear but I probably would have if it happened to me). And next thing after a few weeks with Molly he will probably start thinking DeAnna DeAnna DeAnna and she will get the boot too. Oh and after DeAnna he will probably start thinking My EX(wife) My EX My EX.

Man thoes people from Seattle can be real Jerks sometimes can't they?.....HA HA HA. You know I love you.

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to see that Jillian is going to be the next bachelorette. I loved all your thoughts.I am going to post mine later to day.

Here is one thing I noticed, if he was going to break up on the show why was Melissa "not" wearing the ring when she came out. She seemed angry before it even got started. I think they broke up before the show.But because they sign away their lives to the show (knowing she could be sued) she still had to tape the after show with him breaking up with her.

PS I have tagged you! Your it check it out on my blog.

Dionne said...

Wow! I've never seen the show, but I feel as if I have now. You gave a wonderful summary, you even captured all the drama and suspense of the show!