Monday, March 2, 2009

Journal Jar-2

Guess what??? I'm going to Seattle next week. March 9 through March 22.

I get to hang out with family and be out of barely over 0* weather.

If you are in Seattle and wanna hang out, give me a jingle!

AND guess what else?? I get to go to Time Out For Women in Seattle!! Don't be jealous...I'll take pictures! (c: (<--That's a new smiley I learned)


I found my picture cord so I will post pictures of the past week or two tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking around while I had my blog blah. I only lost 3 followers! YAY!


Have you been outside the USA? When and Where?
I have been outside the USA. Growing up in the Seattle area, we were about 60 miles to the Candian border.

I remember a few summers where we went up the Canada to go to Stanley Park. It has a zoo and aquarium. The aquarium is awesome from what I remember. It had 'Free Willy's" and 'babumpa' (Begula) whales. We went with cousins and once, just our family.

I also went up there in high school for band trips. We marched in two of their parades every year. One in Victoria and the other....some where else. (??) It was so much fun going up there to roam a city like Victoria. The money exchange always tripped me up though.

So there you are. I've only been to Canada. Where have you been?


Emily said...

I wanted to give you snaps for helping out with the Magic Quilt stuff- way to go!

I used to live in Seattle when I was in 9th grade. One day my dad piled us all in the car and we drove over the border to Canada and went to McDonalds. When we were coming back (about a half hour later) the guy at the Border asked how long we had been in the country. "About half an hour" He asked "Did you see everything you wanted to see?" and my dad answered "Yep" Ha ha! That was my trip to Canada!

I've had a similar trip to Mexico, but I was there about 2 hours that time. Which is a long long time to spend in Nogales- a terrible place with the world's worst icecream.

Luckily, I've also been to Europe (twice!) and Hawaii (which I know is part of the US but really seems like a whole different country).

THanks for your comments on my stepping stones blog- helps to know I'm not just talking to myself ;0)

whoopsadasie said...

How cool is that! I have been to Utah for TOFW. I love them!

I have been to Nogalas as well. Didn't stay very long, and the border patrol didn't like that. We had to have our car searched because I had two prescription drugs in the car! IT was AWFUL!

I have also lived in Germany. LOVED it there! Those were the good ole days!

Sherri said...

Have fun at TOFW...I've never been...but I have been to Women's Conference each year for the past 4 years...and I'm going this year as well! As for where I've been outside the USA...only to Mexico as a child...but I have visited lots of states!

Becky said...

Seattle sounds fun. I have never been there, so take lots of pics for me.

I have been to Mexico, England, and France. I am hoping next summer (2010) to go to New England and up to Canada from there. There is always more traveling to do than I can afford or have time to do!

devri said...

Nope, but we have land in Tonga, that we WILL someday go over and build.. Someday when we find a money tree!

Kristina P. said...

I've been to Mexico and Canada. Have a great time!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I've been to Mexico, Canada and England...ALL very fun!!!

Maybe I can fly up that way and hang out in Seattle?

Oh wait...I can't, I forgot, big wigs are coming down to my work next week...gotta be there!

Dang, that stinks!

I'm glad you're BACK!!!

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Have fun in Seattle. I hope the weather is good for you. Enjoy your time.

Mags said...

have fun in seattle! you lucky dog!

tiburon said...

I am so jealous. That is where I grew up. I miss it like crazy.

I will be there for most of July...

If you want to plan a return trip ;)

April said...

I've never been to Seattle, but I hear it is pretty! I grew up in eastern Canada, been to Mexico and the Philippines.

I hope you have a great time!

rachel griffith said...

are you going to forks???
are you going to forks???
are you going to forks???

i gotta know.