Friday, March 27, 2009

New leaves...

As I was sitting, talking to a great friend last night, I realized that I have hurt people's feelings without even realizing it.

In my expressions of my readiness to leave Alaska, I have said things like, "I'm ready for a new adventure," or "I'm sooooo ready to leave."

While those statements are true, there is a hidden meaning in all of them.

I'm going to miss this place. More than just this place, these people.

I have wonderful, fanastic friends here that I'm sure I will be friends with forever.

No joke, FOREVER!!

I am sorry if I have hurt anyone's feelings with these statements. Just know that there is more to them than I lead on.

I do love you!!


Another thing that needs to be written on here today is....

it's snowing!!!

As much as I don't like this weather, I'm actually enjoying this snowfall.

Anchorage is now pretty again.

Break up isn't pretty around here. A little snowfall just covers all that right up!

I'll try and get some pictures today.


We have a grumpy volcano around these parts.

Her name is Mt Redoubt. She has thrown up at us over 6 times in the past few days.

The ashfall has missed Anchorage so far. She is still grumpy and spitting things up.

Alaska Airlines canceled a few of there first flights on Monday and delayed a few more. This makes for grumpy people.

Bee and I were on Continential airlines. Our flight was plum (is that right?) full...not one empty seat. The flight attendents were not their pleasant selves. The food tasted like it had been heated up a few times. AND people on the flight were just anxious to get in the air.

Our flight was the first flight out of Seattle to Anchorage since the volcano blew.

We were excited to get home.

Bee did really well on the flight there and on the way home. We sat by some great people so that made things a lot easier! I had enough snacks and toys to entertain an army, or Bee!! I don't think I wanna do it again anytime soon but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

So anyway Mt Redoubt is blowing her lid but it hasn't affected us yet.

We have to replace our air fliters in our cars but that's about it.


Barbaloot said...

Glad to hear the ashes haven't reached you---hope it stays that way.

Monster Mary said...

That snow does blanket the grime for a bit doesn't it? I must admit that I won't be sad when spring finally comes but I still enjoy the snow too. I had fun chatting with you the other night. I so enjoy our little book club. It's so much fun. No hurt feelings from me that's for sure. :)

Sherri said...

I guess I haven't been paying attention to the news this week...I didn't know you had an active volcano that was causing problems this week! At least you made it home safely!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH know you are COMPLETELY stoked to move back to civilization! lol!

I heard about the Volcano...glad you posted to let us know that you guys are okay!!! :)

Taron Anderton Deeds said...

PLEASE.....if you have offended anyone than I REALY have. I hate this place and can't wait to leave. I am more than happy to let the whole world know and I don't care who I offend. However I do love everyone here and will miss them when I do leave.

Anonymous said...

As I sit here at the computer it is snowing again here in Utah. With snow advisory's in effect until 4 am tomorrow morning. Question that is on my mind is will we have school or not tomorrow? The answer will most likely be yes.

Like you, I have been saying some of the same things about moving. I am so ready. although we are staying in the same town. I am ready for a new home, neighborhood and adventure.

Rachel H. said...

DANG! You have had all sorts of adventures and I am BARELY catching up! goodness!!!

Glad you made it home safe...and I hope those ashes don't stay long. Sounds icky!!!