Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are HOME!!!!

We are home! We got home Saturday evening. We surprised the boys. I've never been so grateful for my bed, my laundry room, food in the fridge and to be together with ALL my boys. We are taking it easy for a few. The doctors suggest we don't take Dragonfly out until his due date...Halloween. So it will be a few for church and anything else. Marie, my mother in law is here too, helping out with everything, I'm nervous about life after she leaves! I'll post more pictures in a few! What are you up to?


Ann said...

So good to know you are back home, with Jacob safe and sound. Home really IS sweet home.

And I really cannot wait to see more pics of your boys - all of them ;)

If Jacob does not require special care, I think you will be a star mom, and you will do just fine!

Nothing special happening here, just ordinary life: Up - breakfast - drive - WORK - drive - fetch kiddo - shop - home - dinner - kiddo to bed - blog surf/sew - tv/sew - sleep :D Yaaaaawwwn...


Erin O. said...

Yea!!! So happy!! Of course, I knew all along that you were on your way home, but didn't spill the beans!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Just read back to the post where you announced you were expecting so I could catch up - I'm so glad you're home with your gorgeous boys...take care xx