Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chocolate Molten cake

I got out of the hospital Sunday morning. This has been the fastest and easiest recovery with all 3 boys. I was up and moving the morning after I had Dragonfly. Everything is healing nicely. (I'll have a girly post in a few, with details)
Christi and George Baker came up to see Dragonfly. They came Saturday. We made plans to go to Red Robin on Sunday for lunch! We don't have Red Robin anywhere near Alamogordo. This one up here is the closest. So it's a big deal to go when we go. Well the Baker's decided to go home early so we went to Chili's. (We have a Chili's in Alamo but it's not all!)
So Chris and I have a tradition....we order our cake first! Our theory is we can take our entrees home and heat them up later but you can't take ice cream home and the chocolate doesn't heat up the same at home. So in celebration of having Dragonfly, getting out of the hospital and our probable last date night for quite a few, we got our cake!! Oh it was sooo delicious!

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