Friday, October 7, 2011

Detail of quilt

Sorry the pics are upsidedown. I don't know how to change it. 
1. The back of the little bird on one of the charm squares.
2. The front
3. The log I made for the bird next to my name
4. The whole bird

Chris brought this quilt for me to the hospital and I'm soooo grateful!! It was really nice to have the quilt I made especially for this time. I put it on my hospital bed every day we stayed there before I had Dragonfly and the 2 days after I had him. Chris slept on the bed, under the windows, which were really drafty so I would put the brown side out and put it over him. He didn't want the 'girly' quilt on his bed! LOL 
The nurses would come in to check on me and would ask about the quilt. It was a good conversation starter. I was/am really proud of it. It will get even better when I can wash it more. It's still a little too firm for my liking.

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