Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is Chris' elk. We processed it ourselves. Chris spent over 20hours cutting, grinding or packaging his elk. We had Helpers, Jason and George. I helped some but it was hard to do and be 34 weeks along. Chris did it Wednesday and Thursday before I got med-a-vac'd to ABQ. This could be the reason my cervix shrank so much!! Oh well! We now have a freezer FULL of deer and elk meat. Chris is guessing over 300lbs of steak, hamburger and stew meat. Way to go, Honey!!


Rachel Holloway said...

you are INCREDIBLE! That's a LOTTA meat, and to face it while PREGNANT is just plain HEROIC! :)

Melinda H. said...

Greg got his elk this year also, but he's having the meat processed in UT (that's where he got it) and I'm not sure we'll ever see the meat! So much for a successful hunt. Although, I know that in two years or less we'll have another elk hanging on our walls...yippee :(

So how are you doing with the new one? Are you and he adjusting to being home? I swear it takes me a good six weeks to adjust, but now life is a little more routine. Hope your doing well!!

LuLu said...

Oh my goodness! That's a whole lotta raw meat! I guess you're set for the winter and then some :-)