Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is Bee and his soccer uniform. The first picture is him counting how many times he kicked the ball. The second is him showing me his shoes. Third is him in the goalie. He got fired from being goalie shortly after this picture because he shared the ball....with the other team too. You can't get mad at him for sharing!! So he got to run around with the other kids instead of 'blocking' the goal. 
I'm a proud mommy to know that, at least sometimes, Bee can share! 

Bee got the bum deal out of me having Dragonfly. He isn't playing soccer anymore. His season ends October 15th. I'm hoping and praying that we are home for his last game. It's so sad when we pass a soccer field with kids and he asks to play. It breaks my heart. Hopefully we can sign him up for basketball or something in the winter season.

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