Sunday, April 25, 2010

random pictures of the past few

This is one of the statements from Tricare for Glo bug's hospital stay. $17,009.30. That was just the cost of the NICU. Not including his infusions or doctor's fees or anything else. Thank goodness of our insurance!
This is my sun baby, Glo Bug. He had to be in the sun cuz of his jaundice when he first came home. Now he just loves it. He takes his afternoon nap in the sun. (Doctor's said it was great)
You can really see Glo bug's eyebrow issue here. They said it's superficial so we aren't worried about it anymore.
Here's another angle. I think he's just handsome!
Speaking of handsome!! I'm probably going to frame this one. This is the pool at the hotel in ABQ. We went up there for Glo bug's appt with the skull specialist and to pick up Marie.
We went to El Paso with Marie and this truck was in the parking lot of Chris' favorite restuarant. He's now in love.
And this is Chris and Bee waiting for the doctor. They were running 2 hours behind!! It's a cheap way to entertain Chris and Bee!!!!!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ah

I don't know why it makes me want to giggle, these pics.

Sooo cute.

But WOW, that hospital bill made me catch me breath!!!!


Thank you so much for the pics. I'm going to post them today or tomorrow. SOOOO excited.

Lisa and Rustin said...

It's crazy HOW MUCH medical things cost!! YIKES
Ugh! So glad you have good insurance!

I LOVE Logan's sleeping pic!! What a cutie!

And I agree...that pool pic needs a frame!!

You've got some darn cute kids!