Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everything baby part 1

Glo bug at about 6 weeks. He is wearing his first newborn onesie. (He wore premmie stuff before.)

So let's start 7 weeks ago, February 19. I went in for our biweekly stress test. (Our high-risk doctor saw some extra fluid around Glo bug's heart so we started going in to get stress tests.) A stress test is the machine that they hook up to you during labor. They wrap the stretch things around your belly and you can hear baby's heart beat and watch your contractions on the paper.

Well I usually go by myself and Bee. But it just so happened that Chris had that morning off. I asked him to go with to help watch Bee and we could go do something after. (I can't remember what it was now but it got canceled.) They hook me up to the machine and ask me to drink some water or juice to get Glo bug moving.

Twenty minutes later, the MA comes in the room and checks to see if Glo bug has moved enough to see his heartbeat and if it's stressed. She looks at me and back at the paper. She asks me if I'm feeling okay. I said yes just tired. I didn't sleep much cuz I was having small contractions since Wednesday night. (It was Friday AM.) She looks at the paper again and leaves.

Katrina, the RN, comes in and says, "Hey Trouble-maker, I see you are causing trouble again."

I look confused, "I am??"

Katrina points, "See this line here...that's a pretty big contraction. Are you feeling those?"

"Yes I feel them but I just thought they were Braxton-Hicks."

Katrina laughs, "No Crazy-lady, those are contractions. You are in labor. Dr. B will be in here in a second but pack your stuff up cuz you're going over to labor and delivery."

Chris and I look at each other and laugh. I made him rub my belly the night before. He asked if we should go to the hospital. I said no. (I guess he was secretly timing them cuz he knew when we went to the doctor, how far apart they were that night. I believe every 11 minutes or so.)

Dr. B. came in and said, Yup you are in labor. You gotta go to the other end of the hospital and check yourself in. We'll call so they know you are coming. I'll be there around 12pm. Tell them to check your platelets before they put an IV in and that your contractions are about every 7 mintues.

So Bee, Chris and I check in and I gown up. They check me and I am at a 2. Nothing to cause drama BUT they don't want me to have Glo bug in Alamo cuz they don't have a NICU. As soon as he was born, he would have to be airlifted to ABQ without me. (SOO not an option in my book.) So the nurse gives me a shot to stop the contractions. At that point, Chris and I realized that we needed to start telling people in case things started to happen.

I text Nicci, Amanda, Taron, and Kassy. I told them that I was in labor but they were trying to stop it. They didn't want me to deliver there or at 36 weeks. Well that just got things started. After they gave me the shot, I got jiggery and my heart raced but it didn't work. The contractions weren't steady anymore but they were still coming. So I got another shot. Same thing.

The platelet count came back, I was 19K. SOOOO not good for pushing out babies. So I got an IVIG infusion. It just so happened that the hospital had one on the shelf. (Blessing #1)

So Chris went and got McD's with Bee and my phone charger. I was texting my little heart out to anyone and everyone that would listen. Ha ha

The nurse came in after the IVIG and said that we were probably going up to ABQ to stay until I had this baby. So start calling babysitters for Bee.

I text Kassy and told her. Then called my dad and then my mom. Chris' mom was suppose to come to ABQ to help with Bee while I was in the hospital. He was calling his family. By the time I called my mom, she was already ordering a plane ticket and driving to Seattle airport. (Blessing #2 that my mom could drop everything and come to ABQ)

We hung around in the room until about 5pm. The doctor came in and said, "You can be airlifted to ABQ or you can drive up there right now. You have to be there within 6 hours."

I didn't hestiate and said that we would drive. I didn't want to be alone in my first helicopter ride. Bee would have had to stay with Chris and drive up there. So we walk out to the parking lot and George pulls in. We give him the key to the house so he can watch the puppies. As we go to leave, MSgt Chord pulls up in the parking lot. All 3 wives are pregnant! It was funny and we chatted for a second. (Come to find out, Chord's wife had her baby that weekend too!)

So home we went, packed our bags and jumped in the truck. A short stop at Wal-mart to buy a car seat for Glo bug and off we went!

Mom calls and says her plane gets in at 11:30pm. Perfect. Our GPS says we will arrive in ABQ at 11:25pm. (Blessing #3) So we pick up Mom and head to the hospital.

Just before our last turn into the hospital, red and white lights start flashing. Chris is getting pulled over! I start laughing so hard. Chris getting pulled over with his mother-in-law in the truck.

Officier, "License and registration please. Do you know why I pulled you over?"

(I'm wrestling through all the paperwork, trying to find the registration.)

"No, Sir."

"You were driving without your headlights on. Have you been drinking?"

"No, Sir. We just came from the airport and I guess I didn't turn them back on."

(My mom giggling in the background, me looking for the dang registration.)

"Where are you headed?"

"To the hospital. My wife is in labor."

The officier stops and looks at me. "Seriously???"

"Yes we have paperwork saying she needs to be at the hospital ASAP."

"Oh. Oh. OH!! Umm....yes, turn left at the next light. And turn your lights on!"

(He practically throws the insurance card back at Chris and waves us on)

Now how many people can actually say they were pulled over while in labor??

This story to be continued soon. Little Glo Bug is calling.

Seriously though, do you know anyone that's gotten pulled over while in labor??


Anonymous said...

I WANT to get pulled over while i am in labor. that is my dream, congrads on the baby

Rebecca Irvine said...

Wow! What an experience you went through. I have never known anyone who really got pulled over while in labor. Too bad he did not give you a police escort!

Soxy Deb said...

That's a great beginning to a birth story! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! What a great story.

Rachel H. said...

OOOOH....GOOD STORY! I have been dying to know all these details! YAY!!

Even more shocking to me, however, than being pulled over--is that you went to WALMART while in LABOR! HELLO?!?!?! :) That cracked me up!!! Can you imagine giving birth on aisle 9 or something???

Andrea said...

Walmart can handle you! They've got everything and for cheap, right?! Lol

I bet that officer was thinking everyday routine until he got a reality check.

You rode/drove all the way there....

You amaze me!

Jenny said...

Wow, sounds like this delivery was a big adventure. Special little guy, I take it!

So glad I can catch up with you. I moved my blog by the way....

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha That was awesome. Especially the police part. Lub it! Congrats. What a doll baby!

Hey, when you get all recovered I'd lub to get that magic quilt going. No pressure.

Barbaloot said...

Gosh-even knowing everything ended up okay I'm still nervous for you while Ir ead this! That cop story is gonna be legendary forever:)

April said...

I was just thinking about you today! I have missed you and all of your comments around blogland! Loved your story and he is soooo cute!