Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glo bug's first slide

Last night it was too hot in our house. (Our air isn't turned on yet) So Bee, Glo bug, Hooch and I went to the elementary school down the road. I tested out my new carrier from the Airmen's Attic with Glo bug. It worked GREAT!!
So we got there and Bee talked me into going down the slides with him.
"Mommy, peeeezz go wee meee!" (Mommy, please go down the wee (AKA slide) with me!)
How can you say no to that??
Not wanting to take Glo bug off and wake him up...we will went together! Including Hooch!! LOL


Sheila said...

How sweet!!!

April said...

What a GOOD mom! Love it!