Monday, April 12, 2010

Everything baby part 2 (plus my anniversary)

So we got pulled over, freaked a cop out and headed to the hospital. Chris and I got out of the truck. Maimom and Bee headed to the hospital. That was really hard to leave my baby cause I didn't know when I was going to see him again.

The hospital that I was in, NMU, they don't let kids under 16 in the hospital unless they are the ones sick. I was told it was the whole hospital. And as you know, once you are admitted, you can't just walk out and go to McD's. (It turns out this hospital has wings and then a center hall. Kids can be in the center hall!! YEAH! So I was able to see Bee and Maimom every day.)

So I get admitted and nothing exciting happens for a few. I get woke up every hour for something, doctors, nurses change, blood pressure... The doctor's say they don't want to induce me. In fact, they want me to stay in the hospital for a week or two!! Ha ha ha

If you know me in real life, you know that I don't go down without a fight. We had to drive up to ABQ right away because it was an emergency. But as soon as we get up there, it's fine??! No, I don't think so. The doctor that sent me up here, Dr. B talked with my specialist doctor, Dr. R and they decided to send me up there to be induced.
I practically yelled at the doctor that came in and said I had to stay in the hospital until my due date. "I was told I was coming up here to be induced."

"Who said that?" asked Stupid Doctor A

(If you would read my chart that I just looked at, it says Dr. R admitted me and I was to be induced, Dr. A.)

"Dr. R and Dr. B. When am I going to be induced? I know my platelet level is increasing. What is the plan?"

(I have a way of pissing off doctors when I know more about my health than they do. But if they would read my chart, it's on the first page.)

"Well we'll have to see about that. Dr R. is my boss so I'll be talking to her after my rounds," said Stupid Doctor A. I think he was trying to intimidate me. No such luck.

"Okay, when will that be? Could you call my nurse and tell her the plan after you speak with Dr R.?"

Dr A, with a shocked look on his face, "Uhhh yeah sure." Turned and walked out.

Chris, says," You like making people uncomfortable, huh?"

Ha ha ha It might be true.

Anyway Dr. A called my nurse. He couldn't get a hold of Dr. R but his orders were to not be induced until the next week. We were pretty bummed. That is a freaking long time to be in a hospital, woking up every hour. Not to mention, having contractions and being away from my little man. Oh and being in an automatic adjusting bed that made noise everytime I turned over. And being all emotional and hormonal. I don't think I was very good company.

So I complained to my nurse. She understood and would try her best to do something. She didn't see a reason to wait. Logan looked healthy. No signs of any stress. My platelet levels high.

So my mom, (Maimom) and Bee came to visit. It was nice to play with Bee. Spending all day, everyday with that little boy, makes a night away pretty hard. So we played in the little room they had. Mom brought Burger King. Life was good. Told Mom the news of being here over a week. She said we'll work something out. (She took leave to be there for me. but she didn't have a lot and needed to get back as soon as possible.) Nap time for Bee came too soon but it was needed. So Maimom and Bee went back to the hotel, Chris and I to my room.

We get back and the nurse was all excited. She said, "I've been trying to find you."

"Oh, how come?"

"Dr. R over ruled Dr A. You're being induced in an hour, IF the labor and delivery rooms don't get filled. You are on the bottom of the list because you can wait and your baby is healthy. So in other words, if someone comes in and sneezes...they will get ahead of you and you'll wait until there's an opening. Which could be a week."


"K so pack your stuff cuz there's only ten chicks over there and there's 20 rooms. I just had to say that stuff just in case there's a bus load of pregos to walk in."

So I start texting away. When we had Bee, we were so stressed about everything and everything was new that we just called our parents with updates. Well we got in 'trouble' from some people and I didn't want that to happen this time. So anyone and everyone in my phone book that I knew got texts, got a text saying that I was being induced!!

So off we go into the L&D room. I got one of the big rooms but I was a high risk. They knew that I would have to have at least 3 nurses, a doctor and a tech in the room, plus all of Glo bug's doctor's and nurses.

So they start the meds, hook me up to the baby stress monitor and off we go.

We had a really great nurse, Cara. She is from Alamogordo too. She works up at NMU on the weekends. She's had two boys. She was just funny. She even sat on the bed and watched the Olympics with us for a few. (I was her only patient.)

So my texting friends are starting to fall off cuz it's getting late. I'm still texting my sister,Kassy, Erin (who was working the night shift in DC), Amanda (who wanted me to text her while in labor cuz she wanted to 'see' me on drugs) and Nicci.

Then all of a sudden, my water broke.

I look at Chris with a scared look on my face, "I think, I think my water just broke. Oh no! Oh no!! Push that button!! Get the nurse in here!! Oh no...oh no...oh no...

Cara comes in and Chris tells her why I'm blushing and totally like freaking out. She's like, "Hello!! THis is totally normal. These beds are made for that. Just CHILL!"

I'm shaking at this point cuz I'm totally freaked out. (With Bee, they broke my water for me so I knew what was coming and there was doctor's down in that area.) Cara and Chris are both telling me to calm down. Finally Chris hands me the phone and says, "Text Taron and Kassy and everyone else that your water broke."

Okay, I can do that. Something to take my mind off of, what feels like I'm peeing the bed and can't stop....seriously, out of the whole kid-having-process....that's the weirdest part. For reals.

After my water broke, the contractions started to hurt. I texted until 3:01am. Then I said I had to push. I told Chris and Cara. The doctor said to wait until Glo bug's doctor was in the room. I'm pretty sure I said No. I waited one contraction and then told Cara I was pushing. The doctor came flying across the room. I pushed twice and had Glo bug at 3:07am.

They laid him on my tummy for a few seconds. Chris cut the cord. Glo bug cried and then the doctor's took him away. (He finally made it into the room! :) ) They took him so fast cuz the chances of him having low platelets were like 95%. With low platelets comes all sorts of stuff after being pushed through a birth canal, like bleeding in the brain.

So they wisked him off to his NICU bed while I got stitched up. I lost a little more blood then normal but nothing the doctors were worried about. I got to hold Glo bug in my arms at 5am, in the NICU. We stayed around for a few and then went back to my room to sleep. I was breastfeeding so I asked the nurse to call when Glo bug was awake.

So I went back and forth to the NICU and my room pretty often. I just wanted to hold that baby. It took a lot of work to get him here and I wasn't going to let some nurse just hold him! :) Maimom brought Bee and we watched him while she went and held Glo bug. (In the NICU, you are only allowed two people at the bedside and you have to scrub up to go into the room.)

George and Christi drove all the way from Alamo to come see Glo bug. Chris took them in individually. It was good to see them. They brought presents for Bee, which was so sweet. And Glo Bug present's too. They are good people. They watched Hooch and Diesel, no questions asked while we were in ABQ.

So Glo bug was born with 19K platelets but no bleeding problems, anywhere. They did an ultrasound of his heart, no extra fluid. Just perfect! They gave Glo bug a platelet transfusion and IVIG. I believe he had 3 doses of IVIG and one transfusion. His platelets gradually went up. He was born on Sunday morning and we left the hospital Thursday afternoon. We had great nurses. Our first doctor, Matt, was awesome! (NMU is a teaching hospital so they trade patients often.) I was discharged on Wednesday at 12pm. Mom's flight left at 1:30pm.

To the boring can skip this part if you want. I just gotta write it down.
Tuesday, Mom and I almost took on a nurse. The doctor's were saying that we could go home since Monday but then would change their mind because of something. Monday, it was because his platelets weren't high enough. Understandable, they wanted to get him more IVIG. Tuesday the doctors were ready for us to go but made their rounds too late and this nurse, out of nowhere, came over and said that it was too far to drive a newborn 3 hours home. And then she said that I couldn't do other things like possibly know what the symptoms of low platelets were, and other stuff. Finally she walked away and told the doctor to keep Glo bug another day. Well it just so happened that it was good we stayed because his billirubin went up to 17. Which is high for newborn of 3 really high. Like any higher and they would take his blood out and clean it for him and put it back. I guess it's drama for parents but not for nurses or doctors. (I learned all of this from my NICU nurse, friend, Erin. She was sooooo wonderful through all of the hospital stay. I owe her!) Thursday morning rolls around and Glo bug's platelets are good enough, billi is going down and we convinced the doctors that I knew enough to take my baby home. (we all know that I have low platelets myself, I did this with Bee and I'm a Medical Assistant.) So because of those 3 things, Chris, Bee, Glo bug and I left ABQ at 4pm. We had a doctor's appt for the next day on base to check platelets and billi levels. We also had an appt at NMU for Glo bug's eyebrow the next week. His left eyebrow isn't formed the right way. They were worried about his skull fusing together too early. But we saw the specialist and he said it wasn't fusing. That it was probably just superficial. He brought the plastic surgeon in and he made an appt for us the same day as Glo bug's eye appt. May 6. They want CT scans done but can't do that until they can put him under. So May it is. They also worry that because the bone that is there is pointed the wrong way, it could be hurting his eye nerves. So May 6 is a big day.

Glo bug is now growing like a weed. He has broken 8 lbs by our scale at home. Just this week he can fit into newborn size clothes and diapers. (We were in premmies before.) He's platelets at last check were 175K.

I breastfed him until just this week. I wasn't making a bunch. I'm not a very good person to sit down and do nothing and in the beginning, you need both hands and sometimes legs and teeth to get things right. Plus my heart just wasn't into it. I gave him a great beginning with my milk but now he is on formula. I think a lot of my heart not being into it was I wanted my body back. I hadn't eaten the things I wanted or done the things I wanted to because I was throwing up and so sick for the whole 9 months, that I just wanted to sleep without some sort of my body freaking out! :)

Also I have a case of the baby blues. They put me on medicine and the doctor was iffy on whether or not I should continue feeding. She said it was my choice...people have done it before. Well I decided that my heart wasn't into it so I was just going to stop.

So there you have it. The details of Mr. Glo bug's start.

Knowing all that you guys know about this munchkin and his start, would you do it again? If the doctors said it was fine to have more but to expect the same symptoms and treatments. Thoughts???

Now onto my anniversary. It was today, April 12. It's when Chris and I didn't listen to our parents and got hitched. No one thought we would last the year....let alone 5!! But here we are.

And you know what I got Chris??? (Well me too) Tickets to TOBY KEITH and TRACE ADKINS!!!! The concerts in August. I got us VIP Box tickets. IT's going to be AWESOME!!!! It comes with VIP parking, access to the VIP club and our own private waiter!! It will be Chris' first concert EVER so it's awesome that it will be amazing!

Sorry no's too late and I'm tired of living that week again!


Julie said...

Hey thanks for the update. It makes it nice to be able to keep in touch even thought we are so far away. As for doing it again. If I felt like there was another little one waiting to come to my family, I would definantly go through it all again. After all the Lord won't give us anything we can't handle. It may be hard, but he will be there helping. I look forward to seeing more pics of this new little guy. I will have to update mine soon with pics. But with two it gets harder to be on the cpu.
Love ya!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, that was awesome. Play by play. It's amazing the ups and downs. I was sitting in the hospital for 2 weeks before my twins were born and I remember that feeling of total I CANNOT WILLNOT DO THIS! Tough stuff. Feels forever, and then it whizzes by.

How cool to be able to text the whole thing as it's going down. I can't imagine that feeling of connectedness. Imagine sitting in the hospital 2,000 miles away from your family without cell phones or internet. It was really lonely.

Congrats on your anniversary! woot woot!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Wow! I loved reading both posts! You know how to go the hard route dontcha girl! Holy Cow I'm tired just reading about it!

You're amazing and so is your new little one!

And FTR I am so jealous of your anniversary concert tix!!!

The Duckers said...

I'm so glad he made it and everyone was healthy!!
To answer your question of would you do it again:
I would listen to the Lord. He will take care of you and your family, and he knows what's best. The good thing, you JUST had a baby and you don't need to worry about that right now. All you need to worry about is enjoying your new little man!!!

I love that you were giving the dr.s a run for their $$$!! Good job girl!

Erin O. said...

YAH for a great story. And yes, I see I made the blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I'm glad you couldn't find those texts between us :) That was an exciting night. The Sexy Beast was laughing at me checking my phone in the dark all night. I can't wait to get my hands on both of those boys!

Homer and Queen said...

I have seen Toby, but give Trace a big fat kiss for me!!! Just thinking of the NICU made me cry and it's been 23 years! That pain of not taking him home with me just has never gone away. Smell that baby for me!!!

Lisa and Rustin said...

Wow wow wow!
Krista, you are one tough gal!

Your lil guy is sooo cute!
It's frustrating when docs and nurses don't listen to the patient!! Good thing you stand up for yourself!! (I'm kinda a pushover sometimes!)

hope you are feeling better!! You guys sure look great at the park!! I don't know how you do it with two! Keep it up super mom!!

You've inspired me to get my blog up to date!!

John Deere Mom said...

I love this story! You will definitely be glad you wrote it all down. The hardest part of baby 2 for me was leaving baby 1 at Grandma's house, too. I sobbed as we backed out of that driveway, leaving him for the first time. I still tear up about it! :)

Rachel H. said...

YAY!!!! You posted the rest! I was dying to know--

Glad he came with a short labor--you sound like a pro...I mean, 2 pushes! WOO HOO!

And you BETTER take pics at your anniversary concert. SOUNDS LIKE IT WILL BE AMAZING! Seriously!!! SOOOO EXCITED for you guys!

April said...

You deserve to see Toby & Trace after all you've been through...but I must say...I am soooo jealous! =)