Monday, July 6, 2009

Off on our last...

We are off on our last adventure in Alaska.

We are headed out camping with our hommies, the Flitton's and Hulet's.

I hope that we don't have rain but bring on all other adventures!!

I'll tell stories next week when we are home.

In other news, Chris has a HUGE bump on his head. He got it at work yesterday and went to the ER. I was freaked out for a bit but actually there wasn't even a concussion! So now we just have to keep his headaches under control. Poor guy.

Tuesdays are park days with our friends. Each week is a different park. This week it was Campbell of my favorites.
I brought Muddy Buddies.... chocolate, peanut butter, butter and powered sugar....YUM!
We shared with everyone. It was gone but the bucket was placed on the bench.

Smart Bee knew what was in the bucket and wanted some.

He didn't get anything but a face full of powered sugar and a bunch of laughs!!
He was actually laughing in this picture. The whole rest of the day, he licked his fingers and wiped his face! It was a good day for Bee!

Bathtime was sticky but well worth the laughs!
See ya Monday!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL.... I just love that last photo. The look on his face is priceless.