Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Planning meals

So I tried to finish another one of those goals, over there...<--------

Planning meals for a month.

I made a list of what I was going to cook every night.

I bought a little calendar and wrote it all down.

I had nights for leftovers.

I went to the store and bought exactly what I needed, nothing more, nothing less.

I only spent $200, which is awesome in Alaska.

I have been making meals. Sticking to the plan.


I didn't take into consideration that we have a room mate. He goes through phases of when he eats and doesn't. He will eat out every day for a month and then eat here three meals a day.


I'm going to have to put a hold on the meal planning until we move.


I was so excited that I only spent $200.


Becky said...

Sometimes I plan things out and then I just do not feel like eating what I have planned for. So I tend to less planning as a result.

rachel griffith said...

i say you still get credit!!!
so put it in red!!!

Taron Anderton Deeds said...

200$ We can live off of that for 2 months.....what do you guys eat over there?

Mallorie said...

So do you know when and where you will be moving yet?

amelia bedelia said...

I just read thru all your goals...I'm impressed! And will be more impressed if you complete them. I plan my meals each week and love it because i know exactly what i am going to cook each night. I'm with rachel...mark it in red, this one wasn't your fault.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

K that is TOTALLY my luck. That's crazy about the price of groceries though!

Monster Mary said...

I want to know what Taron's family eats if they only spend $100 a month. Holy CRAP!!!!! I spend about $500 or more a month on food. Granted I refuse to buy anything with High fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils so things can be a little more pricey. $17.95 for 34 oz. real maple syrup. Ouch but oh so yummy.

Krista that's great! Please post your menu. I want to see what your eating. Next time I make a menu ( I do this most the time but not usually when MIke's gone)I'll post mine too.

Mark it as done Krista you did the hardest part, Planning. I think it just takes so long to go through recipes and plan and actually make a list an stick to it. Goal accomplished.

Anonymous said...

I am working on this my self. But like you sort of need to put it on hold till we move in a couple of weeks.