Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Easter pics-late

I think I lost like 5 followers yesterday.

I'm sooooo sorry for NOT putting a disclaimer on my post yesterday. I had NO idea you guys watched the show. I just thought it was my hubby and I! Seriously. Oh and Taron.

I learned my lesson and won't let anymore. Promise. Will you come back now?

As I was looking through the computer files...I found these. I don't know why i didn't post them before! So here they are!

This is how we do Easter Egg hunts in Alaska, on base!!

This is Hanger 5. It is a HUGE building. It holds like 5 huge planes in it at once.

Anyway they take out all the airplanes and helicopters. They have people fill the plastic eggs with candy and a few slips of paper.

On the slips of paper is a number, you take it to the semi-truck in the building and they pull out awesome prizes. This year Bee won a basket with candy and a water gun!

Last year I took Ethan and Nova, kids I watched and they won a bike!

They go in age groups, 0-4, 5-8 and 9-12. For the 0-4 group they put out 5,000 plastic eggs. 5-8 group they put out 7,500....and 9,000 for the big kids! AmAZING!!!
Here's the group we went with....Sister Leonici, Sis Bankhead (my fave), Anna, Taron, Kimber in front with Braydon, Daylon holding Nicki and Ethan pushing Bee.

Here is everyone getting eggs. Shawn and Schubs went with so I could take pictures.

Here is Bee in his Sunday best, going to Church. Auntie Kassy bought him this outfit. So handsome.
I don't know what this look is for but seriously made me laugh. I just love that kid!
Chris was in Fairbanks so it was an adventure with Daddy. We'll catch you next year, Dad!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I am so coming to ur neck of the woods for Easter that is so freaking awesome!

Soxy Deb said...

OMG! Connor's face! Too funny. He looks like he just sucked a sour lemon!!

And if your serious about losing followers cause of your post yesterday, well they're just lame. Don't give it another thought. I was disappointed to read the winner, but I'll still watch the episode because I love that show. And I think I was not disappointed that I found out who won as much as I was disappointed that it wasn't Margie and Luke. I tend to gravitate to the mother son combos - lol.
So don't sweat it Kritta!!

Erin O. said...

can you add my mom to your prayers...i left a note on my blog...thanks, erin

i really hate asking this, but it's really serious-sorry about the crappy punctuation

Barbaloot said...

I don't know if there's anything cuter than a little boy in Sunday clothes. Love it:)

Melinda said...

That Easter egg hunt looks fantastic! That face is too adorable! Cute Sunday outfit, I love when boys dress up nice for church!