Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is Ethan. I got to watch him the other day while his mom went to school with his older brother.

He is such a little pill but SOOOO fun!

It was a beautiful day in Anchorage....almost in the 60's!!! (I know, right?!)

So today it is 62 and these are the only pictures I have of the sun.

In the past two days, the grass behind him has turned green.

Once the snow is gone, it only take a few days for the grass to grow. Our sun is up for 16 hours now. We gain about 5 minutes of sunlight a day. That's lots of growing time for seeds, and grass.

This is Shawn and Ethan. "We went fast!!!!" said Ethan.

FYI: They did not go fast, otherwise they would have had helmets on!!


Kristina P. said...

It makes me so happy that the weather is finally nice.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

he is beautiful! Ethan has always been a favorite boy name of mine~

Soxy Deb said...

Nice pics!
I've always been fascinated by the whole sun stays up forever (not literally) idea. I guess, as stupid as this sounds, you get used to it? It just seems so cool and odd to me.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

KRITTA... can I tell you how much I love ya... for filling up my comment box the other day... for jumping over yesterday and telling it like it is! I am rooting for you to have a BIG fixable problem girl!

I'll keep you in my prayers! :)

tiburon said...

Awww that is so cute!

what a doll!

Taron Anderton Deeds said...

Yes he is so cute but what a PAIN he is...Thanx again for watching him.

John Deere Mom said...

Glad it's finally warming up in your neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

Aren't the 60's just wonderful when they roll around. I love seeing the grass start to come back to life. Flowers and blossoms every where. What amazes me most is looking at the snow cap mountains, as I stand on my porch in capris and short sleeve shirt.