Saturday, April 4, 2009

As I was lounging...

So as I was lounging around tonight, after using all my energy to go to the grocery store for a few things, I watched a movie.

"How to Make An American Quilt"

Now I had recorded this awhile ago. It had the word quilt in know it went in my DVR!!

Anyway I finally got to watch it tonight. (One of the few joys of my hubby not being able to veto my TV choices)

I highly recommend it to any girl.

It's a chick flick. But it's nicely made to where I would watch it with my mom. They are a few parts that I grabbed the remote to fast forward but didn't need to cuz it stopped right then.

The last scene in the movie it's talking about marriage and quilts.

I liked it enough to write it down so here it is:

You have to choose your combination carefully.
The right choices will enhance your quilt; the wrong choices will dull the colors, hiding their original beauty.
There are no rules you can follow, you have to go by instinct and you have to be brave.

I really like this.

Especially the brave part.

You have to be brave in marriage and quilting.


Rachel H. said...

That is a GREAT quote! And that movie sounds so fun. I love to record all those kinds of shows on the dvr and am sure wew ill go crazy and have a movie fest someday soon. :)

Becky said...

Good thought-provoking quote. And it sounds like a movie I need to add to my Netflix queue.

Sherri said...

I think I need to watch that movie...I saw it recommended on another blog recently too! Hope all is well over there with the volcano and all!

Monster Mary said...

Oh I haven't seen that in a really long time. Maybe I should watch it again when my husband is gone. Thanks.

Dionne said...

Nice! It's been years since I saw that movie. I will have to watch it again soon. I'm sure I will see it with fresh eyes now.