Saturday, July 20, 2013


I want to make this quilt. I have the fabric for it and everything.
Auntie Kassie's saying

Glo bug feeding his kitty. (That I got when I had my spleen out!)

Trunk or Treat with our ward building people. This is Melissa Harvigtson. They moved to Germany the week after this.

This is Megen's living thing. She designed it. I would love to do something like it but somehow all together. Jake said he HATES putting this up everytime they move because it has to be perfectly straight or you notice. I'm thinking maybe a wooden pallet?

This was Bee's first time playing outside with kids in the neighborhood. He does it all the time now but I think was about September, cause those trees are still up.

Glo bug has to wear an eye patch everyday. We call them stickers. While Bee wanted to wear one too! The rule is you can't take it off until Glo Bug does. He was a good trooper.

I thought this was interesting.

Playing at McDonald's with a few friends.

I saw this truck on my birthday in one of the dorm parking lots, while delievering cookies to the fire station on base. I really dig these rims and tires. I want them for my black truck! (Maybe when I win the lotto.)

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