Thursday, July 4, 2013

Random pics

Glo Bug sleeping with all his stuff

Kayseli sewing her quilt for a class project. She got an A!

Cool storm!

Mother's day dinner! We were all sick so none of us wanted to cook so we got Sprite drinks and a few burgers to snack on. It would a weekend full of THE tummy bug! :)

Dragonfly took this chunk of the table out with his teeth, through his bottom lip. We had to pull the piece out with tweezers. This is the coffee table at the hospital waiting room for the labs.

Maimom asked for a grocery bag holder. This is what she got.

Lipstick for the first time in years!

Fishing at the Inn of the Mountain Gods with Besty and Ben Fisher. No one caught fish because they were spawning but it was fun!

Party up in the mountains! Notice the boots in the background!

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