Friday, July 12, 2013


I LOVE my day planners. This is my second one. I will probably buy one every year for the rest of my life. I just love that I can make lists and organize and draw notes.

I was hestiant to put a picture on it because the boys grow so much in a year BUT I love looking at it no matter that I know they aren't this size. This picture was taking the day I had to have IVIG in November. This was just before we went to lunch with Raesha. I asked her if we could do a picnic outside instead of the deli because of this! She was totally fine with it.


prsd4tim2 said...

Such a fun pic of your boys! I'm soooo not a day planner girl - especially now, although I never was - but that one is so cute, I might let you convince me. LOL


Raesha D said...

I am a freak about my planners!! Where is this one from?? And I LOVE That pic so much:) I will also remember that day and those little monkeys fast asleep:)