Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bee's school behavior

At school, Bee has a behavior chart. Everyday they can move up and down on the chart throughout the day and the color that they put in his take home folder is the average.

Orange- great....McDonald's
Yellow- good... Library to get movies
Green- normal... Just everyday, nothing special
Blue- not good...no tv or privileges
Purple- bad... Grounded
Pink- call home to parents...this hasn't happened

Most often Bee gets a green day which is fabulous! It means he wasn't bad and listened to all his teachers.
Once Glo Bug started potty training and got a sticker chart, Bee had to have one too. So one sticker for green, 2-yellow, 3-orange, 4-red. Once they fill their 25 spots up they get to pick a prize at the dollar store. Last time they both got a bag of balloons! I love the dollar store!

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Ann said...

Wow, what a good idea for the parents! Wayyyy better than the ...errr.. quarterly gradebook we had!