Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm in a book!

The book, Hexa Go Go, came out awhile ago. I thought it was cool I knew the girl that published it. We were in Bee Inspired together. It was my first bee back when Connor was like 6 months old.

Anyway Tacha's month came and she wanted hexies that were then bordered by colors of the hexies. It was pretty cool but it took me forever because of the hand sewing and I was late getting it to her so I didn't take a picture. Anyway I specifically remember making her a purple one because it was my favorite color and oh so hard to mail back to her.

I believe I'm touching the one I made in the picture below. I seem to remember those fabrics but I'm not 100%.

Here's the exciting name is in the back of the book!!!! How awesome is that??

My work is in a few other books but no mention of my name. This one it's there!!!!

I haven't got a copy yet. It's still quite popular so I will wait for a few for a sale or something. I'm just honored to have my name in it!! Yippee!


Ann said...

It was my first ever bee too!

Tacha is soooo cool and very, very sweet too! I met her at the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2012. She had brought her the hot-off-the-press book and showed it to me and pointed out my name. Absoltely amazing quilt!!!

My block is the one at the top right corner, and it took me AGES to complete . I do not think English paper piecing will be "my thing"... But I think have seen some hexies sneek into your flickr pics?

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!!!

Rachel Holloway said...

SOO HAPPY FOR YOU! That is SO aweosme! You are MEGA talented and I am so glad you were recognized!!