Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ompa's trees

This summer, at Ompa's house, we helped him split some of his trees! Ompa would run the chainsaw, while Bee, Grandma and I took turns at the splinter. And the others threw the wood into a huge wood pile. Glo Bug 'helped' by throwing balls for the dogs and shoveling the dirt around the yard. Dragon even joined in the festivities by catching a mouse with Rosko. (The mouse got scared by Ompa's chainsaw and ran under Dragon's exersaucer. Rosko polished him off before he could escape Dragon's loose hold.)

After we left, Ompa and Grandma stacked all the wood in the shed... Should be enough to last a few years.

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Ann said...

Oh wow - I know that is a LOT of work! I once helped split an old beech which was taken down by a storm. It took us several days...