Sunday, November 25, 2012

Glo bug picture post

These are a bunch of pictures of Glo bug, the past few months.

Glo bug is learning so many things the past few months. He learning knew words everyday, copying Bee in most everything. He even sings his version of the ABC's. He is becoming more and more daring. At the beginning of the year, he would keep me on a short leash, always knowing and seeing me. Now he runs off and joins whatever is going on and I have to keep eyes on Bee and Glo bug!! He enjoys his time with me these days, that Bee goes to school and Dragon takes a nap most mornings. He is learning to go potty in the toilet! Wahoo!! He hates going potty on Thomas underwears, so that's the game plan. Auntie Kassie sent Thomas underwears, BIG hit! As you can see from some of the pics, he still naps his afternoon nap. The one pic with boots and no pants, that's how he thought he was leaving the house... Not so much!

The last wrestling one is with Aunt Megen. My girlfriend here, Megen, plays with the boys on the ground all the time. Glo bug started calling her Aunt Megen, I'm assuming because we have an Aunt Megan in Seattle and he thought all Megan's are Aunts. Anyway it stuck and she will always be Aunt Megen. Even other kids from church call her that now!! Way to go Glo bug!!

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Ann said...

Awwww... He is getting so big, Krista! And handsome too :)
I think he looks quite different from Bee, and yet some ressemblance.