Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taron's quilt for one of the boys

This is one of Taron's quilts. I originally was going to just finish the tops and she was going to hand quilt them. BUT... They just got orders to Guam so she isn't doing much of anything extra but packing!

So she asked me to finish them for her.

How should I quilt it? (I don't do stitch in the ditch very well, AT ALL, so that's not an option.)

Second, do you have any tricks to get the blocks to line up over sashing?? I'm great at matching blocks when I can see them but when there's sashing in between, not so much. Do you pin like crazy? Do you just rip out a lot of seams? Help!


Ann said...

I recently read a post about sowing with sashing (and now I hit myself in the head while wondering why I do not save the links!): when having sewn the strip of sashing to one block, fold that sewn block in half making a crease in the sashing and fold the next block marking the middle with a crease too. Line those creases up to one another and voila!

That should also work with the long strips, the folding in the middle of the blocks.

Quilting: Those squares invite a simple quilting motif in every second, alternating in the rows, alternatively a loose doodling or stipling is good :D


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I pin like crazy whenever I do my own quilting just to be sure nothing moves. I would do the loose doodling that would look awesome.

Erin O. said...

Don't laugh, but I avoid this type of quilt at all possible!!!

Since they are moving, why not stick to something simple and just stipple.