Monday, February 6, 2012

Ab Fab Free Bee month 1

This is my first block that I've added to for my new group, Ab Fab Free Bee. It's such an AWESOME group! Lots of chatting and fun!

I added the 3 stars of colors with white, and the 3 wonky stars. Dena's starter block was the beautiful star and square border.

In this group, you start with a starter block from your stash.

Starter block for affb!

That's mine. I sent it to Trudi, in the UK, to add to. She has the whole month of February to do so and then passes it on to Lynz. And so on!! Come September we should have a fabulous quilt (or close to it) to make for ourselves! I'm soooo excited about it.

The girls are already talking about underwear fabrics and Paper Piecing undies to add to my block! How stinking cute is that??!

Next time, I plan on taking before and after pictures to blog about it easier.

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