Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a morning in our house

January 6, 2012

6:32am Bee wakes me up. He wet the bed. He hasn't done that in FOREVER but I'm assuming it's because of the amount of liquids I poured into the boys the day before. We were all puking this weekend and needed to gain back some of our fluids.
6:34am Glo Bug wakes up from Bee yelling at me that his pants were wet
6:34am Dragonfly wakes up from all the noise.

(Whatever happened to my boys that slept until 8 or 9am??)

6:35am Downstairs and change diapers, get breakfast for Dragonfly and started getting cereal for Glo bug and Bee.
6:45am Bee spills his cereal all over the counter, chair and himself. Has a meltdown cause his pants are wet again.
6:50am Everything cleaned up, new bowl of cereal and Cuggington on TV.
6:51am Bee spilled second bowl of cereal. Another meltdown.
6:56am Everything cleaned up and banana given instead of cereal.
7:00am Started load of laundry to start my list of things to do.
7:02am Glo bug playing upstairs, yells down...MESS!! (He had diarrhea running down his legs. Of course he didn't stay in one spot. There's diarrhea from Bee's room to the stairs.)
7:03am Bath started, clothes off and Mom gagging.
7:05am Both boys in bath. Glo bug 'farts' and poops in the tub.
7:06am Both boys out. Mom cleaning the tub with bleach. Boys crying because they are wet and cold.
7:10am Another bath started and boys in the bath.
7: 11am Dragonfly  pukes up his breakfast, up his nose. He's pissed and screaming.
7:12am Trying to calm down Dragonfly, Bee and Glo Bug start flighting.
7:15am Boys out of bath because they can't stop fighting.
7:25am All boys dressed and playing downstairs, including Dragonfly, who just watches.
7:45am Another poopy diaper
7:50am I decide I want to finish the baby quilt. Sit down and get everything set up.
7:53am first needle breaks
7:58am Second needle breaks and thread breaks also.
8:03 Third needle breaks, along with thread and my patience.
8:04am clean out sewing machine of lint, strings and stuff
8:11am Sewing again
8:15am Fourth needle breaks. I turn off the machine.
8:16am Switch out laundry and try to work through my list
8:17am Sit down to figure out bills and how much to take out in cash
8:30am Get all boys dressed and ready to go out the door for Bee's preschool speech appt
8:50am Getting ready to walk out the door, Glo bug 'farts' again. Changed another diaper.
8:55am Finally walking out the door. Get boys in truck and ready to go.
9:04am Go to bank ATM and hit the wrong button, taking out too much money. (The other bills still have to come out) It's Bank of America and they don't believe in bank centers in southern New Mexico. Slight panic attack.
9:05am Back in truck to go to appointment at the school
9:15am Our turn to go in. Bee does great. Glo bug totally wants to play but can't. I try to distract him and realize the trusty old cars in my purse have decided to drive off! Dragonfly senses my stress and starts crying. (I don't know if he did, but it totally seems like it!)
10:00am FINALLY done with appointment. No score yet but she said he's got another appointment with the Speech lady and hopefully he can start soon after.
10:04am Pulling out of school, lady comes within INCHES of hitting my truck. (It totally wasn't my fault. All her.) No damage so drive home.
10:15am In the door and getting everyone unpacked.
10:17am getting bottle for Dragonfly.
10:20am Sit down and transfer money from Wells Fargo to Bank of America to cover my mistake. Get grumpy because of the fee.
10:25am While on the computer, someone helped with laundry and mixed dirty and clean. Well they are all dirty now!
10:30 Dishes, load of laundry and sneak a shower.
11:00am Get lunch started and make some phone calls.
11:05am Peanut butter and jelly on the floor, opened. Crying because of said sandwich on the ground.
11:06am Another sandwich made and crisis handled.
11:10am Trying again at the quilt, I find the string that has been causing all the trouble. Start on quilt again, with no more breaking needles or thread.

I stopped keeping track of our adventures.

That was my morning. It's no wondering I don't eat a whole package of Oreos before noon, everyday! :)

It's crazy and nuts but I wouldn't change it for another job, EVER!


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

You will cherish these memories for ever. Enjoy them while they are young.

Erin O. said...

And now I know why you were so quiet last night! You were resting!

Ann said...

OMG! I will never ever complain about my strange mornings/days again! Well, perhaps just whine a little once in a while, but that is it!

But you also almost make me wet MY pants a little as I could not help start laughing in the middle of it all :)

Glad you had the possibility to quilt a little, after all that day!

The Waggoners said...

I'm sorry, but that is hilarious! I am so sorry for your horrible morning! I am sure I will have many of those soon! FYI I have a new blog address!
Check it out!

Em said...

Wheeeee!! Fun day! (can you sense my sarcasm) Totally had days like that, though, so I get it. And then just when you try to reground with your sewing, THAT decided to go all wacko on you too!!

Also, we are in the process of leaving BofA. Boooo! I recommend Ally. They are online, so no brick and mortar banks, but you can withdraw from any atm with no fees.

Deb Menard said...

A - you didn't tell me you posted even though you said you would.....(between this and the coffee...I just don't know...)
And B - I would have just quit. Crawled back in bed, called for reinforcements or something (what? Chris is military. There ARE reinforcements somewhere!) and not come back out from under the covers.

angela walters said...

Wow!!! The life of a mom :) hope the kids are feeling better now! Thanks for the comment on my blog......I appreciate it.