Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Works In Progress by Freshly Pieced

New Projects:This is my first week so no new projects!

Ongoing projects:
1. Doll Quilt Swap- got it cut out, just need to sew down
2. Monthly Bees blocks -4 left for Feb
3. Kitchen Swap- I got washclothes done. Need to finish grocery bag holder
4. Quilting Erin's purple quilt

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
1. Erin's Nautical & Nice
2. Erin's Green Sewing
3. Erin's Make Life
4. Erin's fig & Plum
5. Erin's Brown and Blue
6. Erin's Make Life Circles
7. Erin's Authentic back/blue quilt
8. Erin's Authentic quilt
9. Erin's scrappy purple quilt

Completed quilts awaiting binding:
Magic Quilt

On hold for now:
1. ShyAnn's quilt
2. Ethan's Quilt
3. Braydon's Quilt
4. Breast Cancer Pillowcses
5. Vinyl Bag for swap
6. Bee's quilt
7. Pink and Yellow Quilt
8. Chinese quilt
9. Black quilt
10. Halloween quilt for Krystle
11. Mystery small quilt
12. Oh my stars Table Runner
13. Fleece Tractor Blanket
14. yo-yo top
15. Freedom quilt
16. L'Mour Quilt
17. Rick's Quilt
18. Postage Stamp Along
19. Freedom blocks x 17
20. Erin's Red Blocks
21. Block of the Month- Kelly
22. Teeny Weeny PP Blocks x 6
23. Mosaic blocks- 10
24. Scrappy Square quilt
25. Heart Quilt
26.MMM Swap
27. Pincushion Swap
28. Christmas Quilt -ugh
29. Drunkard's Path
30. Don't Call Me Betsy Quilt Along
31. Blush Jellyroll
32. Quilt for Heather
33. Quilt for Shells
34. Quilt for Amanda
35. Quilt for Emily
36. Quilt for Jane
37. Quilt for Grandma
38. A string quilt
39. Aaron's quilt
40. Polka dot quilt

This week's stats:

New projects -  0

Completed projects - 0 
Currently in progress -  53


Erin O. said...

ok, you are giving me a complex. I have 9 of your things on your list! But I guess that they will go on my list soon too.

Ann said...

I cannot believe those lists!!!
Wow, chica. That would be too overwhelming for me to navigate in, you have my deepest respect (once again, heh).

Marci Girl said...

Wow 40 on hold projects, and I thought my list was long! Awesome that you could remember them all! LOL

Lee said...

Wow! Okay, I think you take this week's prize for most WIPS, with 53. : ) Looks like a lot of fun projects though - can't wait to see more!

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week.