Thursday, February 3, 2011


Remember this??

Well here is the story!

We are in a little town in Utah. (The town will remain unnamed because it might be someone's Grandma)

All of a sudden, traffic drops to 5 MPH.

On a highway.

I'm thinking there must be a horrible accident ahead or something of the sort. No road construction signs.

Finally after about 15 minutes of 5 MPH driving, I see the problem.

Granny, above, merged onto the highway with her electric wheelchair.


Onto the highway!!!

Yes it's a 2 lane highway but people were slowing down. I took a picture!

How could I not??

And you know what Granny did?

Flew the bird!

I KNOW??!!!

And that is all.


Rachel Holloway said...

That's stinkin' hilarious!!!

Jenny said...

I have seen a man around our town doing the same thing. They don't have cars anymore so they drive their scooters. LOL... Can't believe she gave you the bird.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Too funny! Thanks for the laugh :-)

Andrea said...

I guess that gives new meaning to "an old bird". What a funny story!